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Telecommunications and Network Services

Local and Long Distance Telephone Services, Wireless and other services

Federal agencies can count on GSA for telephone and data systems (in most government-owned and leased buildings in major cities). Call GSA, using the contact information below, to inquire about telecommunications products or services.

Heartland Region Contacts
Eastern Missouri (including Columbia) Ken Melvin
Office: (314) 539-3909
Mobile: (314) 960-4446
Western Missouri (west of Columbia) Tyrone Davis

Jim Hamerle
Office: (816) 426-3021
Mobile: (816) 260-9842

Office: (816) 426-3196
Mobile: (816) 797-3244
South Kansas City, Missouri Randy Meyers Office: (816) 926-1569
Mobile: (816) 806-3170
Omaha & Lincoln, Neb. Larry Jackson Office: (816) 823-2963
Mobile: (816) 806-2737
Des Moines, Iowa Rick Reynolds Office: (816) 926-3234
Mobile: (816) 509-0714

A variety of advanced voice communications and data transmission facilities are offered to federal agencies on a common-user basis. Agencies can save significantly due to large scale government volume pricing. Most importantly, GSA can help you sort through the maze of technology options.

Long Distance Telephone Services

Long distance service is provided at rates much lower than most commercial customers pay. Switched and private line service can be provided for all your voice, data and fax needs.

Wireless Communications Services and Solutions

GSA has awarded fully competed contracts covering a full spectrum of wireless communications solutions. Cellular phones with local, regional, national or international calling plans, wireless PBX installation, VoIP services - all these and more are available through GSA.

Other Contract Services

There are a variety of contracts available to fulfill needs for Internet access, email, technical assistance and support and telecommunications infrastructure.


Heartland Region Network Services
(888) 472-9711

Heartland Region Customer Care
(866) 472-2273

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