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Network & Telecommunication Solutions

Federal agencies can save significantly on network and telecommunication services through GSA contracts via GSA's competitive sourcing and aggregation of large-scale government-wide requirements. The contracts are fully competed, compliant with Federal Acquisition Regulations, and immediately available for agency use.

GSA’s Network Services staff will assist you in ordering from these GSA contracts, though a direct ordering option is available upon request. GSA's service includes a consolidated invoice for all your agency accounts.  

Your local GSA points of contact are:

Areas Served Team/Contact
Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin
West Team
Gayle M. Dybel
Telecommunications Mgr.
Phone: (312) 886-3806
Fax: (312) 886-3805
Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio
East Team
Marc DeBurger
Telecommunications Mgr.
Phone: (313) 317-9600
Fax: (313) 845-7174

In addition to assisting you with ordering network and telecommunication services, GSA is able to assist with turn-key project solutions, including hardware, software, and all circuit provisioning. From defining requirements and identifying solutions to managing the daily operations of federal agency networks, GSA can help. 

Federal agencies are currently relying on GSA to provide a wide variety of services, including:

  • Local telephone service
  • Long distance and international phone calling plans
  • Wireless communications
  • Cell phones, wireless PDAs, and smart phones
  • Internet access
  • Video conferencing
  • Wire and cable installation and support
  • Satellite equipment and services
  • Project integration – including design, procurement, installation, and follow-on support

Contact GSA today for assistance.



Gayle Dybel
(312) 886-3806

Marc Deburger
(313) 317-9600

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