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Telecommunications Ordering and Pricing System (TOPS)

The Telecommunications Ordering and Pricing System (TOPS) provides online ordering for local telecommunications contracts. TOPS e*Bill provides consolidated billing.

Through TOPS, you can:

  • Manage service inventory;
  • Order new lines, features, directory listings, or special services;
  • Disconnect, change, or move lines or features;
  • Review, release, cancel, or delete work orders;
  • Check on the progress of existing work orders; and
  • View cost information before orders are released to vendors.

Through TOPS e*Bill, you can:

  • View detailed and summary telecommunications billing information;
  • Pay bills online via the Department of Treasury OPAC System;
  • Reconcile invoices of telecommunications inventory; and
  • View customer summary bills, order summaries, account profiles, non-FTS2001 usage and message unit costs.


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