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Five Points: New York, NY

Five Points, New York is named for the points created by the intersection of Park, Worth, and Baxter streets, the neighborhood was known as a center of vice and debauchery throughout the nineteenth century. Today it is the site of the new Foley Square U.S. Courthouse constructed by GSA.

Archeological investigations on the site of the new Foley Square U.S. Courthouse at 500 Pearl Street were undertaken by GSA in fulfillment of its obligations under the National Historic Preservation Act and related Federal legislation. The work evolved from the findings of the cultural resources survey prepared as part of the environmental impact statement by the firm of Edwards and Kelcey Engineers, Inc. (E&K). Initial fieldwork was carried out by Historic Conservation and Interpretation, Inc. (HCI) working as a subcontractor to E&K. In July of 1991, the firm of John Milner Associates, Inc. (JMA) succeeded HCI in the completion of the fieldwork. JMA has continued on with the analysis and interpretation of material recovered from the site.

The artifacts presented in this Web site are but a small sample of the objects excavated from the Five Points site. The text and images were adapted from an actual exhibition of Five Points material which was developed for GSA by JMA, Inc. in cooperation with the design firm of Donovan and Green. Funding for this exhibit was provided by GSA. The exhibit is currently on view at the Foley Square Courthouse at 500 Pearl Street in New York City.

Who Lived In Five Points?

How The Other Half Lives, by Jacob A. Riis

What Is Five Points?

Archeological Research at Five Points

Immigrant Life as revealed by Archeology

Artifacts from Five Points, NY

What do artifacts tell us about everyday life?

Project History, Exhibit Information, and Comments

Past and Present Biases

Feature Artifacts

Credits, Exhibit Info and Mail

How does archaeology challenge accepted views of the past?

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