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Community Representatives Committee

As part of GSA’s Good Neighbor Program, the San Ysidro Community Representatives Committee (CRC) was established in mid-2004 by GSA as a means for working with the community and obtaining input on the San Ysidro Land Port of Entry project. Member organizations are stakeholders perceived to be most affected by the development and operations of this port of entry.

The CRC group meets regularly, discussing topics related to project development and associated impacts on the surrounding community and the wider region. The CRC will continue to meet throughout the design and construction phases of the project, working together with the GSA team to address and resolve community-related project issues.

CRC Presentation from March 11, 2015 [PDF - 2.43 MB]

Comité de Representantes de la Comunidad (CRC)

El Comité de Representantes de la Comunidad (CRC) trabaja con los equipos del proyecto para coordinar esfuerzos y proveer ideas acerca de este proyecto. Las organizaciones integrantes son partes públicas y particulares escogidas por la GSA debido a sus intereses en los trabajos en curso.

El CRC se reunirá con los equipos del proyecto durante el diseño y la construcción de la nueva garita para hablar de una variedad de asuntos relacionados al proyecto.



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