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National Capital Region Recycling Program

Over 100 federal agencies depend on GSA for recycling services, which helps them comply with federal and other mandates. GSA's recycling program has brought economic and environmental benefits to agencies and U.S. taxpayers for more than 15 years . GSA recycling contractors pick up: paper,  cardboard,   cans,  bottles, and ink-jet and toner cartridges

How It Works

Recycling with GSA NCR's recycling contracts benefits agencies financially - Agencies that use NCR's recycling program keep their recycling revenue! The proceeds must be used in accordance with Public Law 103-329, Section 608. Using sales contracts, GSA provides free pickup and storage while also receiving revenue for the recyclables, which are sold as surplus property.

To join the recycling contract, or for more information, please contact the NCR Recycling Coordinator, Edward Crandell,, (202) 708-6777.

Even when the value of recyclables is low, GSA generates revenue from their sale due to the large number of contract participants and locations.

The “no-cost” factor allows GSA to add locations to the contract through a simple modification. Cost, however, is not the only reason agencies choose to join GSA’s recycling contract. There are other regulatory, economic and administrative benefits that make the recycling contract appeal to a large segment of the federal government. To learn more about how agencies can comply with waste reduction and recycling federal mandates, visit NCR's Environmental Management System pages.

How To Join

To join the recycling contract, or for more information, please contact the NCR Regional Recycling Coordinator, Edward Crandell,, (202) 708-6777.

Visit the National Capital Region Recycling website to learn more about GSA's Federal Recycling Program. Federal agencies can also perform lookups for recycling data, such as database queries to determine if it is participating, or to discover how much material is being collected - and the cost savings.

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Edward Crandell
(202) 708-6777

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