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Comprehensive Human Resources Integrated System (CHRIS) Help

Getting Started in CHRIS:

Software Needs:  For users who access the CHRIS application to process personnel transactions or enter data into the Personnel Security Tracking System (PSTS), or Training Administrators who enter training data into the Training Documentation System (TDS), a JAVA JRE installation must be completed.  If you have administrative rights to your desktop computer, the installation of the latest JAVA JRE version will be performed automatically the first time you access the CHRIS application. CHRIS users who do not have administrative rights, the latest version of the JAVA JRE must be installed on your desktop by your local IT support staff.

NOTE:  For Self Service users, the JAVA JRE is not required.

For clarification or additional guidance, please feel free to contact the CHRIS Support Staff, by email, at

Video Tutorials
The CHRIS library of video tutorials (i.e., APPAS, APRS, PSTS, etc.).

User Guides
The CHRIS library of instructional user guides (i.e., APPAS, APRS, PSTS, Personnel Action Processing, Competencies, etc.).

Logon to CHRIS

Password Reset & Account Setup

If you require a password reset, please click on the link below.  If you are a new employee, please wait 4 weeks from the time of your hire date, then select the link below to set up your CHRIS account.

Reset Password or Setup CHRIS Account


Password Reset and other 
CHRIS issues


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