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Audit Policy and Review

As a service to our customers, GSA maintains a reference system containing copies of Department of Defense (DoD) paid transportation bills, DoD electronic payment records, and civilian paper and electronic payment records. Records are researched to substantiate the settlement of claims by and against the government. GSA controls the flow of documents to and from federal agencies, contract auditors, and in-house personnel.

GSA coordinates the procurement of all transportation audit and related support service contracts, prepares statements of work, performs on-site inspections, and serves as a liaison to commercial audit firms to monitor compliance and resolve any administrative problems.

GSA also monitors federal agency compliance with prepayment audit regulations, approves all agencies' prepayment audit programs, coordinates in-house prepayment audit activity, and issues reports detailing agency compliance.

Transportation Service Providers (TSPs) can contact GSA to discuss issues that are not satisfactorily resolved. When GSA's settlement actions are appealed by TSPs, GSA must prepare submissions in response to the Civilian Board of Contract Appeals. Other functions include developing audit policy, providing guidance to industry participants concerning relevant regulations, policy, procedure, and the support of government counsel in litigation.

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