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GSA Wildland Fire - What's New

GSA to transfer fire program to DLA
As part of a comprehensive Supply Transformation initiative, GSA is collaborating with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) to transfer the Wildland Fire program to DLA. The Fire Program Update contains initial information on this transition. Additional information will be posted on as details of the transition are clarified.

Product recall: The Equipment Bulletin prepared by the National Wildfire Coordinating Group describes a potential problem with a hoseline tee identified with National Stock Number (NSN) 4210-01-081-0417. Some of these items were manufactured with too few threads on the valve stem.  The bulletin describes the problem and outlines a free process for replacement or repair. [Posted Nov. 12, 2013]

Online billing: January, 2014 is the last month in which GSA Global Supply will mail paper copies of bills for customers. Note that this change does not impact customers using a government purchase card, but only those using an AAC/DoDAAC (or equivalent) to order supplies. To learn more about viewing online bills, see Paperless Billing from GSA. Remember that when you are prompted for an account code in registering for online billing, you may use your 6-character Activity Address Code. [Posted Nov. 6, 2013]

Color change - Type I Nomex BDU 
USDA's Forest Service recently revised the Nomex Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) specification and changed some features of the fabric. While the fabric itself remains Nomex IIIA, two changes are immediately apparent: the color is lighter and the fabric is lighter in weight. The color was changed in response to firefighter feedback, from a dark spruce green to a lighter sage green. (See attached photo [BDUs] for a comparison, with the new color shown on the left.) After existing supplies are depleted, GSA orders will be filled with the new BDUs. Both versions are certified as National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1977 compliant and are acceptable for fire use. [Posted June 17, 2013]

Cache Memorandum 09-3
See the attached Cache Memorandum (number 09-3) regarding rebagging of the new generation fire shelters. [Posted May 6, 2009.]


Name Format Size Publish Date
Cache Memorandum 09-3 Word 98k 5/4/2009