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Child Care Library

NOTE: Title 40 U.S.C. Section 490b has been recodified as 40 U.S.C. Section 590 effective August 21, 2002. In any of our documents where we refer to the authorities of Title 40 U.S.C. Section 490b commonly known as the Trible amendment please substitute this new section.

Child Care Videos

Name Publish Date
Child Care Overview (2:19) 6/26/2014
Advantages of Having a Child Care in my Federal Building (4:53) 8/27/2014

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Child Care Newsletters

Name Format Size Publish Date
February 2015 web   2/27/2015
January 2015 web   1/28/2015
December 2014 web   12/19/2014
November 2014 web   11/24/2014
October 2014 web   10/21/2014
September 2014 web   9/25/2014
Spring 2011 PDF    
Summer 2010 PDF 2,232k  
Spring 2010 PDF 509k  
Winter 2010 PDF 441k  
Summer 2009 PDF 441k  
Spring 2009 PDF 1231k  
Winter 2009 PDF 1019k  
Fall 2008 PDF 385k  
Spring 2008 PDF 359k  
Center News Winter 2007 PDF 1189k  
Center News Fall 2007 PDF 576k  
Center News Summer 2007 PDF 929k  
Center News Spring 2007 PDF 7826k  

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Child Care Publications

Name Format Size Publish Date
2014 GSA Child Care at a Glance PDF 378k  
2013 GSA Child Care at a Glance PDF 335k  
2012 Annual Profile PDF 398k  
2011 Annual Profile PDF 500k  
2010 Annual Profile PDF 1377k  
2009 Annual Profile PDF 496k  
2008 Annual Profile PDF 477k  
2007 Annual Profile PDF 1707k  
2006 Annual Profile PDF 207k  
2005 Annual Profile PDF 1129k  
2004 Annual Profile PDF 496k  
2003 Annual Profile PDF 268k  
Board of Directors Child Care Resource Book PDF 1442k  
Child Care Center Design Guide The hard copy of the GSA Child Care Design Guide in circulation has an incorrect footer, PBS 100 July 2003 it should be PBS 140 July 2003. PDF 2398k 7/1/2003
Child Care Director's Desk Guide PDF 1673k  
Child Care Brochure PDF 179k  
Property Manager's Child Care Desk Guide PDF 6463k 05/2010
Starting a Child Development Center PDF 1575k  
Trible Amendment Word 25k  

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