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FedRooms Frequently Asked Questions


  1.  What is FedRooms?
    FedRooms is the official governmentwide, government-managed lodging program. FedRooms rates are negotiated specifically for federal employees (civilian and military) on official government travel. All rates are at or below per diem and all U.S. hotels are FEMA and ADA-certified.

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  1.  How can hotels participate in FedRooms?
    If you are a hotel and would like to participate in FedRooms, please visit the contractor managed program website,, go to the hoteliers tab at the top of the page or contact the FedRooms Help Desk at 1(800) 226-1741. (The above links lead to nongovernment websites.)

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  1.  Who is eligible to use FedRooms properties?
    Federal civilian and military travelers on official government travel for up to 29 nights are eligible to use FedRooms properties. 

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  1.  How do I book the FedRooms rate?
    FedRooms rates are available through all booking channels: E-gov Travel Service (CGE, E2, FedTraveler, and GovTrip), DTS, (when permissible by your agency), your agency TMC, and/or CTO.

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  1.  Besides making reservations, what other capabilities does have?
    After establishing an account, you can modify or cancel existing reservations electronically without having to pick up the phone; book three rooms in a single booking; and search for accommodations by reference points. 

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  1.  How can I take advantage of FedRooms properties for meetings and conferences?
    If you would like to take advantage of FedRooms hotels for conference and meeting needs (with 10 sleeping rooms per night or more) and meeting space, please go to and select the Groups & Meetings tab. Once there, complete the questionnaire with your requirements, and the FedRooms meeting manager will respond to you with all applicable hotel information. Expect a response within five business days (or less) from the date of initial request. Contact the FedRooms Help Desk at or 1(800) 226-1741 for assistance. (The above links lead to nongovernment websites.)

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  1.  How do I contact GSA if I have any questions and/or concerns about FedRooms?
    If you have any program related questions and/or concerns, please call 1(888) 472-5585 or send an email to

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