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Freight TSP Approval Requirements

Transportation Service Providers (TSPs) wishing to participate in the GSA Freight Management Program (FMP) must first complete an approval application and be approved to participate in the FMP. 

Upon approval, a TSP may submit rate offers for the shipment of freight during identified open window filing periods.

GSA’s Standard Tender of Service (STOS) is the primary document for freight shipments.

Participation in the FMP requires TSPs to adhere to all terms and conditions set forth in the STOS. The STOS also contains the Freight TSP Approval Requirements found in the corresponding document below.

Name Format Size Publish Date
Freight TSP Approval Requirements PDF 18k 8/28/2007
Letter of Intent PDF 11k 8/13/2010
Trading Partner Agreement PDF 37k 8/28/2007
TSP Certification Statement PDF 12k 8/13/2010

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