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GSA Services


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Financial and Accounting Solutions

GSA offers financial solutions to allocate resources, manage assets, conduct audits and communicate performance.



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Management and Operational Consulting

GSA provides integrated business solutions in consulting, facilitation, surveying, and training.



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Document Handling, Audio, Video and Subscriptions

GSA has office imaging and document solutions, audio/video services and subscriptions and leasing of various media services.


furniture, a desk and a chair

Furniture Management

GSA provides solutions for the design, configuration and management of work environments.



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Energy Management

GSA offers comprehensive energy program support in the form of audits, energy supply sourcing and emergency options.


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Environmental Solutions

GSA is a direct source for planning, compliance audits, training, recycling/disposal and hazardous material remediation.


facility maintenance

Facility, Maintenance, Repair and Operations

GSA offers electrical/utility repair, escalator/elevator inspection and maintenance, fire alarm and fire suppression and much more.


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Logistics, Warehousing and Distribution

GSA provides supply and value chain management, support products and a wide variety of logistics support services.



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Human Resources and EEO

GSA provides recruitment services, hands-on training, complaint investigations and disciplinary actions.



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Temporary Staffing

GSA offers temporary staff in the areas of general services and support, administrative/clerical, data processing, information and arts and technical and professional labor.


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GSA provides full-service education and training solutions in areas like computer technologies, engineering, law enforcement and security.

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Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations

GSA gives you access to advertising, public relations, specialized marketing and graphic design services.



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Language, Translation and Interpretation

GSA's language solutions include interpreters and translators, language training and proficiency maintenance.



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Medical Staffing, Laboratory Testing and Services

GSA offers medical staffing, analytical testing and preventative maintenance.



image of a doctor in a hospital setting

Professional Engineering

GSA is a direct source for professional engineering services and expert mechanical, electrical, chemical and civil engineering contractors.


engineer doing an inspection

Security and Law Enforcement

GSA has a range of solutions for protecting ports, patrolling buildings and parks and preventing crime.


GSA offers many products related to the services listed above. For more information on these products, please go to:

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