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Procurement Services

GSA PBS offers experienced procurement professionals who are trained in contracting for all business needs including:

  • Professional services
  • general services
  • General supplies (including furniture)
  • Architect/engineering services
  • Construction
  • And leasing

PBS procurement professionals are thoroughly trained in the use of the Federal Acquisition Regulation and General Services Administration  Manual, as well as best practices in federal contracting.

PBS procurement professionals offer many areas of expertise, including determining the best contracting method for a given requirement, technical contracting expertise to contract specific types of products or services, and ensuring requirements are met at competitive market prices and within the required schedule.

Contracting officers are integral to helping customers fill requirements on-time and within budget. The contracting officer’s role entails the following:

• Work closely with PBS project managers to develop a clear requirement and achievable schedule
• Ensure that regulatory requirements are met while working for a speedy and innovative delivery of the requirement
• Navigate the requirement and procurement from development through close-out to protect the customer’s interest and ensure regulatory  compliance
• Use efficient and proven contracting processes to reduce the risk of loss
• Work to ensure successful completion of the project from start to close-out
• Maintain current knowledge of Best Federal Contracting Practices by completing required courses and working closely with peers
• Add a business perspective to the development and fulfillment of customer requirements

The Rocky Mountain Region has built a team of highly trained contracting professionals (i.e. Job Series 1101, 1102, and 1170). Our region has more than 115 associates that are ready to support your procurement needs.


Dannie Crowder
(303) 236-7482

Tracy Troncosa-Maes
(303) 236-2543

John Grant
(303) 236-7546

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