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Mid-Atlantic Region's PBS Customer Service Standards

Five Key Principles

The Mid-Atlantic Region’s Public Buildings Service asks you to demonstrate the following customer service behaviors.  Please follow the links below to learn more about what PBS regional senior leaders, federal customers, and valued service providers say about each Key Principle:

Treat customers honestly and fairly and value customers’ unique perspectives, expertise and contributions.    

Take ownership of your customers’ business needs.  Set and manage customers’ expectations and deliver as you promised.   

Be personable, friendly and focus on positive problem-solving.  Make it easy for customers to work with you and GSA.  Be available to your customers and make communicating with customers a top priority.  

Share your own and GSA’s collective knowledge, skills and talents with customers.  Foster your own learning and the growth of technical expertise throughout GSA.

Service Recovery (when needed)
Take ownership of your customers’ problems and take responsibility to address customers’ problems immediately.  Resolve problems and take special care to maintain and enhance positive relationships with customers.    


Mid-Atlantic Region PBS Perfect Customer Experience

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