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Office of Citizen Services

The Office of Citizen Services provides information to the public through the Web (,, email and Web chat), through the phone at 1-800-FED-INFO, and print publications distributed through Pueblo, CO. In addition, we provide information through social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook. OCS enables other Federal agencies to provide information to the public through the sharing of best practices, a government-wide contract for contact center solutions, and education in the Web and contact center arena. OCS is currently leading the federal government in creating tools and processes for engaging the public through online dialogs to inform the government on improving business processes and services.

Center for Excellence in Digital Government helps agencies deliver excellent customer service to the public via Web, social media, mobile, phone, e-mail, print and newly evolving media by providing government-wide support and solutions, including training via DigitalGov University; standards and best practices via; support to inter-agency communications of practices; innovation and cost cutting tools and technology; real-time research and analytics on citizen needs and agency performance.

Federal Citizen Information Center is primarily responsible for the direct service to the public through the Web, phone and print.  Last year, OCS touched the public over 1 billion times through all channels.  FCIC also provides consumer-related services such as the Consumer Action Handbook, to ensure that consumers are aware of their rights.  FCIC works closely with federal agencies to ensure that information is made available and fully accessible by the public.

Center for Information Technology Services and Solutions provides a robust, scalable, and secure infrastructure to host OCS websites such as,, and; provides search technology to OCS and other government websites to ensure that citizen have the most robust government search experience possible;   and shares its best practices approaches with E-Gov initiatives supported by the Office.


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