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Customer Accounts and Research

GSA Region 4, Customer Accounts and Research (CAR) provides government customers located in the southeastern United States with acquisition support by educating and assisting them in how to access and obtain a seemingly endless inventory of commercially available products and services to meet their critical mission requirements.  Through a cadre of Customer Service Directors (CSD), CAR offers all government customers with direct consultation assistance on the advantages and benefits of using GSA and conducts customized training in how to utilize GSA acquisition vehicles and eTools such as, GSA Advantage, Global Supply and eBuy. See below.

CSDs serve as GSA's focal point to government customers in providing outreach and educating customers on how GSA helps government organizations save acquisition costs and secure best value solutions through streamlined and vetted contract vehicles. CSDs also serve as GSA liaisons, providing acquisition assistance and guidance on GSA enterprise-wide business solutions.  Most CSDs are strategically embedded at customer locations to leverage their close proximity to customers.

To access over 4 million supplies and services, take advantage of GSA's e-Tools:

  • GSAAdvantage!® is GSA's premier online shopping site, making the federal buying process faster and easier. Advantage puts the power of Internet-based purchasing right on your computer.
  • e-Buy is our enhanced, no-cost acquisition tool that lets you post RFQs quickly and easily, and receive quotes right at your desktop. Save time and money by powering up today with e-acquisition in action!
  • Schedules e-Library is your 24/7 online source for complete Multiple Award Schedules information. With this fast and easy way to make federal acquisitions, both buyer and sellers gain access to powerful tools--more comprehensive searches, improved contractor find features, and new category listings.
  • GSA Global Supply makes tens of thousands of supplies and tools available for delivery anywhere you find government at work. Convenient payment options and direct billing to your government account are available.
  • GSA Reverse Auctions is an efficient and cost-effective platform for buying non-complex commodities and simple services. It’s designed to drive down the total cost of acquisitions and increase savings to customers and taxpayers.

For more information, contact the CSD nearest you  [R4 FAS CSD Directory]
or contact GSA Region 4, Customer Accounts and Research at: (404) 331-3026


R4 FAS Story Book Successes
R4 FAS Story Book Successes

The R4 Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) Story Book is a compilation of customer service success stories revealed through real-world scenarios that demonstrate how R4 FAS has helped government customers accomplish critical acquisition challenges, goals and objectives through streamlined acquisition processes and contract vehicles available to federal customers.

2015 GSA R4 FAS Story Book, Last Updated on October 28, 2014 (PDF)

FY2014 GSA R4 FAS Story Book, Last Updated on September 30, 2014 (PDF)

FY2013 GSA R4 FAS Story Book, Last Updated on September 30, 2013 (PDF)


 GSA Safer Schools apple   
GSA is committed to assisting educators and school systems and other eligible entities to implement The Presidential Safer Schools Initiative. Please view the attached flyer for further details and Region 4 contact information.  Share this important information with those in and around your surrounding communities. Thank you for supporting safer schools and safer communities! 


For additional information, please contact R4 GSA Safer Schools Champion, Dhana Moore  
Visit GSA's Safer Schools, Safer Communities web page at



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