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Broker Contract 3 (BC3)

Image of GSA Leasing National Broker Contact

Broker Contract 3 (BC3) is the potential replacement or follow on contract to National Broker Contract 2 (NBC2).  

Social Media Discussions on BC3

For our first round of discussions, we have created a LinkedIn subgroup specifically for this purpose.  Please click on the below to join the subgroup, so that you may join in the conversation.  Starting soon, we will begin to post a series of questions on the above topics, and would appreciate your expertise.  Your participation is very important to us.  Please share this with anyone that you feel it would be of interest.  All are welcome.  


LinkedIn subgroup >>


Jason McNeal
(202) 841-1527

Stephen Monkewicz
(253) 931-7494

Kameshia Freeman
(404) 693-2065

BC3 LinkedIn Subgroup