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Network Services 2020 Strategy

  • NEW! The Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) Draft Request for Proposal (RFP) has been posted on FedBizOps.
  • The first initiative to implement GSA’s NS2020 Strategy is the EIS acquisition.
  • NEW! A Network Infrastructure Solutions (NIS) update has been posted on FedBizOps. At this time, the EIS acquisition is our main focus. GSA is exploring options for the most effective acquisition strategy that will produce an optimized portfolio under the NS2020 framework and along with EIS, meet local service requirements. Please stay tuned to this website and FBO for further updates regarding the Regional Infrastructure Solutions (RIS) Acquisitions.
  • We plan to make EIS available for agency use in FY 2017 with a period of performance of 15 years.
  • EIS is a comprehensive solution-based vehicle to address all aspects of federal agency information technology and infrastructure requirements.
  • EIS will be the follow-on contract vehicle to meet the needs of agencies that currently use Networx contracts and the GSA Regional Local Service Agreement contracts


Network Services 2020 (NS2020) is our evolving strategy for the next generation of telecommunications and information technology (IT) infrastructure services. It provides a roadmap for the future of our Network Services Programs (NSP), including evolution beyond Networx, the regional Local Service Agreements (LSAs), and other current contracts. The NS2020 portfolio will make it easier to get our federal telecommunications and IT infrastructure offerings.

We want to use strategic sourcing to match government's evolving needs to solutions that allow all federal agencies to fulfill their mission.

For more information, please see the NS2020 Strategy white paper (PDF, 662KB).

For more about improving the process of transitioning services to a contract in the NS2020 portfolio, please see the NS2020 Transition Strategy white paper (PDF, 538KB).

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Goals and Benefits

Goals Benefits
Lower overall costs to the government through reduced acquisition costs and increased savings through aggregated volume buying Enables agencies to move to a fully outsourced managed services or cloud model as well as to maintain a self-managed infrastructure model
Accommodate a comprehensive range of government purchasing patterns from enterprise-wide procurements to quick turnaround buys Enables procurement of integrated solutions
Provide agility and flexibility Fosters competition and promotes small business participation
Facilitate ease of transition Provides needed, value-added support services

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Sourcing Analysis and Marketing Assessment Strategy Development Strategy Implementation
2012 2013 2014+
Interview stakeholders, obtain key industry insights Identify strategic goals Publish strategy white papers:
NS2020 Strategy (updated) (PDF, 662KB)
NS2020 Transition Strategy (PDF, 538KB)
Analyze technology market and service trends Develop portfolio strategy and structure Release NIS, CIS, WIS RFPs
Obtain lessons learned Release NIS RFI Release EIS RFI
Identify common enablers, develop strategic themes Produce roadmap Begin transition planning and preparation

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Collaboration Opportunities

NS2020 will only succeed if federal agencies and business partners fully collaborate. We are working to ensure full cooperation, using these primary channels:

Note: The links below go to nongovernment commercial websites:

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The NS2020 Strategy Program includes the following service areas. 

Infrastructure Solutions:

  • Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions
  • Northeast Infrastructure Solutions
  • Central Infrastructure Solutions
  • Western Infrastructure Solutions


Mobility/Wireless Program:

Advisory Services

Emerging Technologies and Services

Government Shared Services (Communications Services)

Please see the NS2020 Strategy White Paper (PDF, 662KB) which describes these program areas and associated acquisitions. 

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NS2020 Regional Infrastructure Solutions (RIS) acquisitions development is progressing rapidly. Three multi-region acquisitions are planned: Northeast, Central, and Western Infrastructure Solutions.

Read the FAQ page for the Regional Infrastructure Solutions (RIS) acquisitions (Word, 203 KB). These acquisitions will provide a near-term approach for expiring local service agreements, including WITS-3, before the EIS program becomes available in 2017.

See FedBizOpps for a draft Statement of Work – Section C of the RFP for Northeast Infrastructure Solutions. The Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) acquisition is also progressing. See FedBizOpps for the initial EIS RFI – NS2020 EIS RFI.

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