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How to Order FSSI Wireless

If you are the ordering contracting officer, it is your responsibility to know of agency-specific policies for issuing orders on contract vehicles. Agencies can consult the User Guide (PDF, 1MB) for additional guidance and suggestions.

1. Gather your agency’s requirements

Work with your agency to assess its requirements. Use the Data Survey Template (Excel, 33KB) to gather your agency’s service plan requirements, and easily communicate them to the BPA contractors. If your agency has additional requirements, such as security or other customized services, a statement of work may be appropriate to describe those requirements.

2. Request information from contractors

If your agency is not sure how to best define the task order to meet the requirements, your agency can first convey requirements and objectives to the contractors and request their suggestion(s). After reviewing the contractors’ responses, your agency can develop the Request for Quote (RFQ). Use the RFQ Template, (DOC, 83KB) if desired.

As an additional aid for market research, GSA offers the Economic Model (EM) to estimate the costs of services on the FSSI Wireless BPAs.

3. Issue the solicitation

Ensure fair opportunity in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) part 8.405-3(c)(2). If the task order is above the micro-purchase threshold, you must provide equal consideration for all FSSI Wireless contractors.

The best way to do this is through eBuy

Alternatively, you can contact each of the contractors directly:

Note: The links below go to nongovernment commercial websites.

Company BPA Numbers
(different from Schedule 70
contract numbers)
Contact Information
AT&T Mobility LLC GS00Q13NSA3000 Chris Pelesky
(410) 570-2670
Sprint GS00Q13NSA3001
OR Elizabeth Haugh,
(703) 592-4722
T-Mobile, Inc. GS00Q13NSA3002 Paul Connelly
(917) 440-8903
Verizon Wireless GS00Q13NSA3003
Or Clover Franklin
(240) 568-2101

For more information, see the FSSI Wireless User Guide (PDF, 1MB).

4. Evaluate quotes.

5. Make the award and manage the task order.

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