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PBS Announces John Calhoun as New Portfolio Management Division Director

Mid-Atlantic PBS is pleased to announce John Calhoun as the new Director of our Portfolio Management Division.  The Division provides long-term planning to maximize the utility of the GSA-controlled (owned or leased) inventory of space, buildings, and associated property, for the benefit of our federal agency clients and American taxpayers.  

Before transitioning to Portfolio Management, John served as Director of the South Service Center, managing projects and building operations throughout the southern portion of the Region’s territory.  

John commented on his new role as Director saying, "I look forward to continued collaboration with PBS clients, in planning for the future of our buildings."

John joined GSA in 1985, and gained diverse experiences through his work in GSA field offices, regional property management programs, and customer intelligence and client solutions.  Prior to his promotion to Portfolio Management Director, John was a Branch Chief in the Division.  John holds a bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Engineering Studies from Drexel University.

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