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GSA Ensures Responsible Disposal and Reuse of Electronics

GSA, in partnership with other agencies, recently hosted a free electronic recycling event in Philadelphia for local, state and federal agencies. Fifteen agencies contributed to the successful collection of over 26.5 tons—two full tractor trailer loads of computers, laptops, printers, keyboards and other electronics.

E-recycling ensures responsible disposal and reuse of electronics. Electronic products are made from valuable resources and highly engineered materials, including metals, plastics, and glass, all of which require energy to mine and manufacture. Reusing and recycling consumer electronics conserves natural resources and avoids air and water pollution, as well as greenhouse gas emissions that are caused by manufacturing virgin materials.

Inmates employed by Federal Prisons Industries (UNICOR) contributed to this E-Recycling event as part of their training and rehabilitation program, breaking down electronics and recycling the material content.  

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