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Office of FAS Financial Services

The Office of the Controller develops internal procedures and oversees all financial management activities related to the programs and operations of FAS. The Controller’s Office develops and maintains, with the approval of the GSA Chief Financial Officer (CFO), a service financial management system that is part of the agency’s integrated accounting and financial management system, including financial reporting and internal controls designed to ensure the integrity and quality of financial management information.

Functionally, the Office of the Controller does the following at the office level:

  1. Serves as the program coordinator for the purchase and travel card programs in FAS Central Office; coordinates the application process, maintains card accounts and monitors the completion of training required for cardholders and authorizing/approving officials. Administers follow up processes on delinquent accounts and questionable charges and recommends appropriate action.
  2. Manages internal human capital, including the recruiting, retention, training and allocation of resources. Implements and maintains effective personnel management, evaluation and staffing processes and procedures throughout the office.

Agnes Leung
(703) 603-8145