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Federal Energy and Water Management Awards

Each year, the U.S. Department of Energy, in conjunction with the Federal Interagency Energy Policy Committee, sponsors the Federal Energy and Water Management Awards, which honor individuals and organizations making significant contributions to energy and water efficiency within the Federal Government.

  • The awards recognize outstanding achievements in:
  • Energy and water efficiency and conservation
  • Renewable energy implementation
  • Sustainable practices for high-performance buildings
  • Fleet and transportation management.

A luncheon ceremony was held in October to celebrate the achievements of the 2014 Federal Energy and Water Management Award winners. This year, the U.S. General Services Administration will be presented with 4 Federal Energy and Management Awards — including 1 individual award, 1 program team award and 2 project team awards.

The award winners included:

Career Exceptional Service Awards

Linda Collins
GSA, Public Buildings Service, Office of Facilities Management & Services Programs, Energy Division
Washington, DC

Linda Collins desire to become a public servant started with a goal of helping the government perform at its best. Ms. Collins, who has been with the General Services Administration (GSA) for forty-one years and in the field of acquisition for thirty-two, is the Director of the Natural Gas Acquisition Program (NGAP).  Ms. Collin’s dedication and commitment to the federal government's energy goals and objectives are evident in both the “demand side” energy management initiatives and “supply side” energy procurement best practices she has helped implement over her career.  She has provided meritorious support to federal agencies by helping them to achieve energy reduction goals, mandates and objectives.  At the same time, she has worked tirelessly to build and reinforce partnerships between the federal government and regulated public utility companies.  

Program (Team)

Advanced Metering, Rapid Building Energy Assessments, and Energy Usage and Analysis System
GSA, Public Buildings Service, Office of Facilities Management & Services Programs, Energy Division
Washington, DC

Mark Ewing, Karen Curran, Brian Wright, Lee Ann Walker and Steve Hochman

GSA’s Public Buildings Service (PBS) is the landlord for the civilian federal government. PBS manages 342 million square feet of work space for a million federal employees in 2,100 American communities. PBS owns 1,500 buildings and leases a large portfolio as well. As steward of a substantial amount of real estate, PBS has the ability to affect considerable savings in the area of energy. This nomination highlights three distinct, but interrelated initiatives at GSA: Advanced Metering, Rapid Building Energy Assessments (RBEAs) and Energy Usage and Analysis System (EUAS). The combined use of these tools provides GSA with a focused effort to collect, analyze and manage the right data, which leads to more informed decision-making in the energy arena. The results over the past two years is quite notable as GSA has reduced energy intensity by 9.3% and saved $27.3 million.

Project (Team)

Wichita U.S. Courthouse Energy Savings and Systems Re-tuning Project
GSA, Public Buildings Service, Region 6
Wichita, Kansas

Brian Wohletz, Gabriel Barrios, Darrell Patnode, Linda Baschnagel and Chris Cockrill

Through a three-pronged project, U.S. General Services Administration Region 6 achieved a 20 percent energy intensity reduction at the U.S. Courthouse in Wichita, Kan., in fiscal year 2013. For the energy-saving performance, the 80-year-old courthouse earned the Department of Energy Better Buildings Federal Award. The project has an expected simple payback of two years, and it resulted in $21,019 in energy cost savings in FY13 versus FY12, which is a 10.53 percent reduction.

These achievements were possible due to the planning and persistence of the Wichita Courthouse Building Manager, the operations and maintenance staff and the GSA R6 Energy Team, who were the core of the Wichita Courthouse Energy Savings and Systems Re-tuning Project Team.

Several high-impact energy-saving changes were completed at the Wichita Courthouse through a 2010 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act project, but GSA R6 pressed for more energy savings. The 2013 project included Targeted E4 Re-tuning (a process through which specific no- and low-cost adjustments to building systems are identified and implemented); implementing building staff-initiated energy-management practices; and engaging contractors and tenants.

Project (Team)

Hart-Dole-Inouye Federal Center Water Saving Projects
GSA, Public Buildings Service, Region 5
Battle Creek, Michigan

Daniel Ahlberg, Daniel Bartley, Nils Strand and Mark Hurley

In FY 2013, projects developed by the property management team, operations staff, and other technical experts at the Hart-Dole-Inouye Federal Center saved just over 10 million gallons of water in one year.  This is 55 percent reduction from the previous year.  The projects were unique, innovative, and transferable to many locations.  

To access previous award winners, visit the DOE/Federal Energy and Water Management Awards website.