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Post Award Reference Documents (Schedule 66)

The Greater Southwest Acquisition Center (GSAC) has created post award reference documents to assist you with your GSA Multiple Award Schedule contract. Specific guidance related to each Schedule is included in each document.

Schedule 66

Name Format File Size Publish Date
EPA Spreadsheet MS EXCEL XLSX 28KB 6/05/2013
Leasing Terms MS WORD DOC 72KB 12/20/2011
Letter of Supply MS WORD DOCX 17KB 6/05/2013
Modification Package MS WORD DOCX  56KB 6/05/2013
Novation or Name Change MS WORD DOCX  41KB 3/11/2013
Part Number, Model and Description Change MS EXCEL XLSX 10KB 6/05/2013
Price Reductions MS EXCEL XLSX 12KB 6/05/2013
Product Additions MS EXCEL XLSX 95KB 6/05/2013
Product Deletions MS EXCEL XLSX 10KB 6/05/2013
Rental Terms MS WORD DOC  33KB 12/20/2011
SCA Index of Wage Determinations MS WORD DOCX 81.90KB 5/1/2014
Small Business Subcontracting Plan MS WORD DOCX 61.70KB 5/1/2014



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