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Number Name Revision
FORMSINSTO Stocked Forms Available from GSA Global Supply 2011 12/2010
FORMSINSTO Stocked Forms Available from GSA Global Supply 2011 12/2010
SFO Solicitation for Offers 09/2009
SERVICES_O Requests for Optional Forms Services Processed FY2008-11 11/2011
HANDBOOK Standard and Optional Forms Procedural Handbook 07/2009
HANDBOOK Standard and Optional Forms Procedural Handbook 07/2009
SERVICES_S Requests for Standard Forms Services Processed FY2008-11 11/2011
SERVICES_G Requests for GSA Forms Services Processed in FY2008/2011 11/2011
SFLLL Disclosure of Lobbying Activities 07/1997
SFLLL1 Registered Lobbyist Contact Disclosure 04/2009
SF1 Printing and Binding Requisition to the Public Printer 01/2014
SF1C Printing and Binding Requisition for Specialty Items 01/1960
GSA1 Directive Clearance Sheet 02/1993
SFLLLA Disclosure of Lobbying Activities Continuation Sheet 07/1997
LLA1 Limited Lease Acquisition Plan 01/2005
SF2 U.S. Government Lease for Real Property 06/2003
OF7 Property Pass 09/1988
OF8 Position Description 01/1985
SF8 Notice to Federal Employee About Unemployment Insurance 06/1987
GSA10 Keep Out (High Voltage Use Only) 09/1971
OF11 Reference Request - Federal Records Centers 07/1987
GSA14 Routing Slip 09/1980
SF15 Application for 10-Point Veteran Preference 10/2013
OF17 Offer Label 12/1993
SF17 Facilities Available for the Construction or Repair of Ships 09/1996
SF18 Request for Quotations 06/1995
OF23 Chargeout Record 02/1962
OF24 Shelf File Charge Out Record (Letter Size) 01/1973
SF24 Bid Bond 10/1998
SF25B Continuation Sheet for Standard Forms 24, 25 and 25A 10/1983
SF25 Performance Bond 08/2014
SF25A Payment Bond 08/2014
SF26 Award/Contract 03/2013
GSA27 Notice of Award (Sale of Government Owned Personal Property) 05/1985
SF28 Affidavit of Individual Surety 06/2003
SF30 Amendment of Solicitation/Modification of Contract 10/1983
SF33 Solicitation, Offer and Award 09/1997
SF34 Annual Bid Bond 01/1990
SF35 Annual Performance Bond 01/1990
SF39 Request for Referral of Eligibles 04/2011
OF41 Routing and Transmittal Slip 03/2007
GSA48 Request and Record of Identification 09/1999
GSA49 Requisition/Procurement Request for Equipment, Supplies or Services 07/1991
GSA49A Requisition/Procurement Request for Equipment, Supplies or Services (Continuation) 07/1991
SF50 Notification of Personnel Action 07/1991
GSA50 Requisition for Reproduction Services 09/1991
GSA50A Supplemental Requisition for Reproduction Services 09/1991
GSA52 Certification of Official Records 05/1985
SF52 Request for Personnel Action 07/1991
GSA53 Fire Incident Report 03/1986
GSA55 Certificate of Elevator Inspection 01/1976
OF55 US Government Identification 08/2002
SF59 Request for Approval of Noncompetitive Action 01/1979
SF61 Appointment Affidavit 08/2002
SF62 Agency Request to Pass Over a Preference Eligible or Object to an Eligible 04/2011
GSA64 Periodic Building Cleaning Work Assignment and Report 12/1990
OF65C US Government Messenger Envelope - Large 01/1994
GSA66 Request for Valuation Service 09/1967
GSA66A Request for Valuation Service - Acquisition 06/1989
OF67 Activity Schedule 01/2012
OF69 Assignment Agreement 02/1989
OPM71 Request for Leave or Approved Absence 09/2009
SF75 Request for Preliminary Employment Data 08/1998
SF76 Federal Post Card Registration And Absentee Ballot Request (FPCA)
SF81A Space Requirements Worksheet 10/1983
SF81 Request for Space 02/1989
SF85 Questionnaire for Non-Sensitive Positions 09/1995
SF85P Questionnaire for Public Trust Positions 09/1995
SF85PS Supplemental Questionnaire for Selected Positions 09/1995
GSA87 Official TDY Travel Authorization 08/2014
SF86 Questionnaire for National Security Positions 12/2010
SF86C Standard Form 86 Certification 07/2002
GSA87A Official Change of Duty Station Authorization 01/2014
SF88 Medical Record - Report of Medical Examination 10/1994
OF89 Maintenance Record for Security Containers/Vault Doors 09/1998
OF90 Release of Lien on Real Property 01/1990
OF91 Release of Personal Property from Escrow 01/1990
SF91 Motor Vehicle Accident Report 02/2004
SF93 Report of Medical History 06/1996
SF94 Statement of Witness 02/1983
SF95 Claim for Damage, Injury or Death 02/2007
SF98 Notice of Intention to Make a Service Contract and Response to Notice 02/1973
SF98A Notice of Intention to Make a Service Contract and Response to Notice (Attachment A) 02/1973
T99 Release Form 08/2006
SF100 Equal Employment Opportunity Employer Information Report EEO-1 04/1992
OF108 Daily Vehicle Usage Report 10/1992
OF109 Separation Statement 09/1994
SF113A Monthly Report of Federal Civilian Employment 07/1997
SF113G Monthly Report of Full-Time Equivalent/Work Year Civilian Employment 07/1997
SF114B Sale of Government Property - Item Bid Page - Sealed Bid 01/1994
SF114E Sale of Government Property - Negotiated Sales Contract 04/1997
SF114D Sale of Government Property Amendment of Invitation for Bids/Modification of Contract 01/1994
SF114C Sale of Government Property - General Sale Terms and Conditions 04/2001
SF114A Sale of Government Property - Item Bid Page - Sealed Bid 11/2002
SF114 Sale of Government Property - Bid and Award 05/2003
SF114F Sale of Government Property - Item Bid Page - Spot Bid or Auction 09/2002
SF115 Request for Records Disposition Authority 03/1991
SF115instr Instructions for Standard Form 115 03/1991
SF118C Related Personal Property Schedule C - Supplement to Report of Excess Real Property 05/1996
SF118 Report of Excess Real Property 05/1996
SF118A Buildings, Structures, Utilities, and Miscellaneous Facilities - Schedule A Supplement to Report of Excess Real Property 05/1996
SF118B Land Schedule B - Supplement to Report of Excess Real Property 05/1996
SF120A Continuation Sheet for SF120 04/1957
SF120 Report of Excess Personal Property 04/1957
SF121 Annual Report of Utilization and Disposal of Excess Personal Property 04/1957
SF122 Transfer Order Excess Personal Property 06/1974
SF123A Transfer Order Surplus Personal Property (Continuation Sheet) 09/2012
SF123 Transfer Order Surplus Personal Property 09/2012
SF126 Report of Personal Property for Sale 07/1978
SF126A Report of Personal Property for Sale Continuation Sheet 02/1965
DS130 LQA-Living Quarters Allowance Annual/Interim Expenditures Work Sheet 04/2010
OF132 Property Disposal Authorization and Survey Report 08/1990
SF135 Records Transmittal and Receipt 07/1985
SF135instr Instructions for SF135 form 07/1985
GSA138 Record of Keys Issued 09/1970
GSA139 Record of Arrival and Departure from Buildings During Security Hours 12/2006
SF144 Statement of Prior Federal Service 10/1995
SF152 Request for Clearance or Cancellation of a Standard or Optional Form 11/2000
SF153 Comsec Material Report 09/1988
GSA159 Monthly Log and Summary of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses, GSA Regional Employees 10/1987
GSA176 Basic National Agency Check Criminal History 10/2012
OF178 Certificate of Medical Examination 07/2009
SF180 Request Pertaining to Military Records 05/2012
SF181 Ethnicity and Race Identification 08/2005
GSA182X Authorization, Agreement and Certification of Training (GSA Employees Only) 08/2014
SF182 Authorization, Agreement and Certification of Training 12/2006
GSA184B Construction Progress Report (Change Order Breakdown) 10/1969
GSA184 Construction Progress Report 09/1979
GSA184A Construction Progress Report (Work Branch Breakdown) 10/1969
SF186 Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot
GSA218 Certificate of Contract Completion 01/1975
GSA220 Inspection Report for Work Under Contract 01/1966
GSA225 Record of Infraction 06/1962
SF245 Passenger and Cargo Manifest 06/1977
DD250 Material Inspection and Receiving Report 08/2000
GSA252 Found Property Tag 01/1977
SF252 Architect-Engineer Contract 10/1983
SF256 Self-Identification of Handicap 07/2010
SF258 Agreement to Transfer Records to the National Archives of the United States 09/1995
DSSR270 Education Allowance Worksheet 07/2007
SF270 Request for Advance or Reimbursement 07/1997
SF271 Outlay Report and Request for Reimbursement for Construction Programs 07/1997
SF273 Reinsurance Agreement for a Miller Act Performance Bond 04/2013
GSA273 Report of Complaint Investigated 10/1986
SF274 Reinsurance Agreement for a Miller Act Payment Bond 04/2013
OF275 Medical Record Report 02/2002
SF275 Reinsurance Agreement in Favor of the United States 10/1998
GSA276 Supplemental Lease Agreement 07/1967
GSA277 GSA General Employee Identification Card 07/2004
OGE278 Public Financial Disclosure Report 12/2011
SF279 Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS) Individual Contract Action Report 01/2002
OF280 Uniform Tender of Rates and/or Charges for Transportation Services 06/2003
SF281 Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS) Summary Contract Action Report ($25,000 or Less) 10/2000
SF282 Mandatory Title Check 04/1979
GSA283 Notice of Work Required 02/1966
OF289 Property Loss or Damage Report - Fire Suppression 09/1981
SF294 Subcontracting Report for Individual Contracts 06/2010
SF295 Summary Subcontract Report 09/2007
SF298 Report Documentation Page 08/1998
SF299 Application for Transportation and Utility Systems and Facilities on Federal Lands 05/2009
GSA300A Order for Supplies and Services Continuation Sheet 05/2010
GSA300 Order for Supplies and Services 05/2010
OF301 Volunteer Application for Natural Resources Agencies 06/2010
OF301A Volunteer Services Agreement for Natural Resources Agencies (for Individuals or Groups) 09/2010
OF306 Declaration for Federal Employment 10/2011
OF307 Contract Award 09/1997
SF308 Request for Wage Determination and Response to Request 02/2013
OF308 Solicitation and Offer 09/1997
GSA308 Notice of Inspection 02/1968
OF309 Amendment of Solicitation (Negotiated Procurements) 09/1997
OF311 Application for Garnishment 03/1997
SF311 Agency Security Classification Management Program Data 02/2013
OF312 Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) Participation Report 10/2000
SF312 Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement 07/2013
OF315 Incident Replacement Requisition 04/2000
OF315A Incident Replacement Requisition - Continuation 04/2000
SF315 Telecommunications Service Priority (TSP) System Request for Service Users 12/2007
SF317 Telecommunications Service Priority (TSP) System Action Appeal for Service Users 12/2007
SF318 Telecommunications Service Priority (TSP) System Service Confirmation for Service Vendors 12/2000
SF319 Telecommunications Service Priority (TSP) System Service Reconciliation for Service Vendors 12/2007
SF326 Semiannual Report of Payments Accepted from a Non-Federal Source 02/1998
SF326A Semiannual Report of Payments Accepted from a Non-Federal Source - Continuation 02/1998
SF328 Certificate Pertaining to Foreign Interests 06/2008
SF329 Administrative Wage Garnishment Form 01/2005
SF329E Notice of Termination of Wage Garnishment Order 03/2005
SF330 Architect-Engineer Qualifications 03/2013
SF330_SE Extra Section E for SF330 Form 06/2004
SF330_SF Extra Section F for SF330 Form 06/2004
SF330_Extr Extra Pages for Part 2 of SF330 06/2004
GSA333 Monthly Performance Analysis Report 07/1978
SF336 Continuity of Operations (COOP) -- Continuity Facility Identification/Certification 05/2014
OF336 Continuation Sheet 04/1986
SF344 Multiuse Standard Requisitioning/Issue System Document 02/1993
OF345 Physical Fitness Inquiry for Motor Vehicle Operators 11/1985
OF346 U.S. Government Motor Vehicle Operator's Identification Card 11/1985
OF347 Order for Supplies and Services 02/2012
OF348 Order for Supplies and Services Schedule - Continuation 04/2006
GSA349 Inspection Report of Boiler 11/1962
GSA350 Inspection Report of Unfired Pressure Vessels 03/1951
GSA353 Performance Evaluation and Facilities Report 09/1993
SF362 U. S. Government Freight Loss/Damage Claim 05/1997
OF363 Memorandum of Call 07/1994
SF364 Report of Discrepancy (ROD) 02/1980
SF368 Product Quality Deficiency Report 05/2011
GSA371 Special Tag 06/1963
GSA376 Elevator Inspection Report 11/1967
GSA378 Signature/Coordination Tab 11/1974
OF380 Reporting and Processing Medical Material Complaints/Quality Improvement Report 05/2002
GSA387 Analysis of Values Statement (Leased Space) 09/1988
GSA420 Freight Rate and Route Request/Response 09/1977
SF424B Assurances - Non-Construction Programs 07/1997
SF424D Assurances - Construction Programs 07/1997
SF424C Budget Information - Construction Programs 07/1997
SF424A Budget Information - Non-Construction Programs 07/1997
SF424 Application for Federal Assistance 10/2005
DD448-2 Acceptance of MIPR 07/1971
OGE450 Executive Branch Confidential Financial Disclosure Report 12/2011
GSA477 Do Not Issue This Stock - Merchandise 03/1953
GSA480 Refrigeration Operating Record 07/1957
GSA500 Lease Inspection Form 01/2014
SF503 Medical Record - Autopsy Protocol 07/2000
SF504 Medical Record - History 02/2001
SF505 Medical Record - History - Parts 2 and 3 12/2002
SF506 Medical Record - Physical Examination 02/1999
SF507 Medical Record 07/1991
GSA508 Request for Exception to Section 508 Requirement (29 U.S.C. 794D) 08/2010
SF508 Doctor's Orders 03/1994
SF509 Medical Record - Progress Report 07/1991
SF510 Medical Record - Nursing Notes 03/2000
SF511 Vital Signs Record 07/1995
SF513 Medical Record - Consultation Sheet 04/1998
SF515 Medical Record - Tissue Examination 08/1997
SF516 Medical Record - Operation Report 05/1983
OF517 Medical Record - Anesthesia 07/1995
SF518 Blood or Blood Component Transfusion 09/1992
SF519B Radiologic Consultation Request/Report (Radiology/Nuclear Medicine/Ultrasound/Computed Tomography Examinations) 08/1983
OF520 Electrocardiographic Record 08/2001
OF522 Medical Record - Request for Administration of Anesthesia and Performance of Operations and Other Procedures 08/2003
SF523A Disposition of Body 12/1993
SF523 Medical Record - Authorization for Autopsy 12/1980
OF523B Medical Record - Authorization for Tissue Donation 12/1994
GSA524 Authorization for Property Release 02/1990
GSA525 Property Transfer Authorization 07/1975
SF526 Medical Record - Interstitial/Intercavitary Therapy 02/1995
GSA526 Report of Property for Survey 03/1990
GSA527 Contractor's Qualifications and Financial Information 03/1999
SF527 Medical Record - Group Muscle Strength, Joint R.O.M. Girth and Length Measurements 09/1994
SF528 MUSCLE FUNCTION BY NERVE DISTRIBUTION: Face, Neck, and Upper Extremity 06/1994
SF529 MUSCLE FUNCTION BY NERVE DISTRIBUTION: Trunk and Lower Extremity 06/1994
SF531 Medical Record - Anatomical Figure 06/1995
SF533 Medical Record - Prenatal and Pregnancy 12/1999
GSA533-1 Administrative Difference Statement for Temporary Duty Travel 01/1992
SF536 Medical Record - Pediatric Nursing Notes 02/1995
SF541 Medical Record - Gynecologic Cytology 11/1977
GSA544 Request, Authorization and Report of Overtime 07/1976
SF550 Medical Record - Urinalysis 04/1977
SF551 Medical Record - Serology 06/1977
GSA553A Salary Cost Transfer Worksheet 11/1987
GSA553 Authorization and Request to Transfer Salary Costs Between Funds 11/1987
SF557 Medical Record - Miscellaneous 03/1977
SF558 Medical Record - Emergency Care and Treatment 09/1996
SF559 Medical Record - Allergen Extract Prescription - New and Refill 04/1994
SF600 Medical Record - Chronological Record of Medical Care 11/2010
SF601 Immunization Record 10/1975
SF602 Medical Record - Serology Record 08/1998
SF603 Medical Record - Dental 10/1975
SF603A Medical Record - Dental - Continuation 11/2002
GSA687 Register of Remittances Received 05/1992
SF700 Security Container Information 04/2001
SF701 Activity Security Checklist 11/2010
SF702 Security Container Checksheet 11/2010
SF703 Top Secret (Coversheet) 08/1985
SF704 Secret (Cover Sheet) 08/1985
SF705 Confidential (Cover Sheet) 08/1985
SF706 Top Secret (Label) 01/1987
SF707 Secret (Label) 01/1987
SF708 Confidential (Label) 01/1987
SF709 Classified (Label) 01/1987
SF710 Unclassified (Label) 01/1987
SF711 Data Descriptor (Label) 01/1987
SF713 Consent for Access to Records 05/2002
SF714 Financial Disclosure Report 01/2009
SF715 U. S. Government Declassification Review Tab 08/2005
SF716 Agency Security Classification Costs Estimates 07/2011
GSA720A 2012 Executive Development Plan 09/2011
GSA720 Leadership Self Assessment 08/2011
GSA789 Statement, Voucher and Schedule of Withdrawals and Credits 10/1973
SF813 Verification of a Military Retiree's Service in Nonwartime Campaigns or Expeditions 04/2013
GSA850 Temporary Contractor Information Worksheet 11/2012
GSA873A_14 Annual Attendance Record (Part Time Employees) - 2014 12/2013
GSA873_14 Annual Attendance Record - 2014 12/2013
GSA873A_10 Annual Attendance Record (Part Time Employees) - 2010 11/2009
GSA873_10 Annual Attendance Record - 2010 11/2009
OF873 Annual Attendance Record - 2010 11/2009
OF873A Annual Attendance Record (Part Time Employees) - 2010 11/2009
GSA873_12 Annual Attendance Record - 2012 11/2011
OF873A Annual Attendance Record (Part Time Employees) - 2013 12/2012
OF873 Annual Attendance Record - 2013 12/2012
GSA873_13 Annual Attendance Record - 2013 12/2012
GSA873A_13 Annual Attendance Record (Part Time Employees) - 2013 12/2012
GSA873A_11 Annual Attendance Record (Part Time Employees) - 2011 11/2010
GSA873_11 Annual Attendance Record - 2011 11/2010
OF873 Annual Attendance Record - 2011 11/2010
OF873A Annual Attendance Record (Part Time Employees) - 2011 11/2010
OF873 Annual Attendance Record - 2012 11/2011
GSA873A_12 Annual Attendance Record (Part Time Employees) - 2012 11/2011
OF873A Annual Attendance Record (Part Time Employees) - 2012 11/2011
OF873A Annual Attendance Record (Part Time Employees) - 2014 12/2013
OF873 Annual Attendance Record - 2014 12/2013
GSA917 Request for Information Processing or Data Communications and Networking Support 08/1989
GSA936 Reconciliation of Total Cost Reported in Real Property Inventory with General Ledger 04/1961
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Number Name Revision
GSA1011 Real Property Remittance Advice 12/1991
SF1012 Travel Voucher 10/1977
GSA1015 Instructions to Contractors (Construction Contract) 08/1969
OF1017G Journal Voucher 09/1979
GSA1025 Receipt for Property 12/1967
GSA1029 Merit Promotion Referral 10/1984
GSA1034A Acknowledgment of Certificate of Inspection Pressure Vessels 01/1976
SF1034 Public Voucher for Purchases and Services Other Than Personal 10/1987
GSA1034 Certificate of Inspection of Pressure Vessels 01/1976
SF1035 Public Voucher for Services Other than Personal (Continuation Sheet) 09/1973
SF1038 Advance of Funds Application and Account 10/1977
GSA1039 Record of Property Found and Attempts to Contact Owner 01/1977
SF1047 Public Voucher for Refunds 09/1973
GSA1079 Federal Building Fund - Daily Time Report 03/1974
SF1080 Voucher for Transfers Between Appropriations and/or Funds 04/1982
SF1081 Voucher and Schedule of Withdrawals and Credits 09/1982
SF1093 Schedule of Withholdings Under the Davis-Bacon Act and/or the Contract Work Hours and Safety Standards Act 02/2013
SF1094 U. S. Tax Exemption Certificate
GSA1099 Emergency Call Numbers List (Key Persons) 02/2000
SF1103 U. S. Government Bill of Lading 09/2003
SF1109 U. S. Government Bill of Lading - Continuation Sheet 09/1998
SF1113 Public Voucher for Transportation Charges 11/1986
SF1113A Public Voucher for Transportation Charges 11/1986
OF1121 Bill of Lading Accountability Record 12/1979
GSA1142 Release of Claims 12/1974
SF1145 Voucher for Payment Under Federal Tort Claims Act 01/1992
SF1147 Request for Issuance of Replacement Check Due to Error in Name and/or Designation of Payee 03/1982
SF1150 Record of Leave Data 12/1977
SF1152 Designation of Beneficiary - Unpaid Compensation of Deceased Civilian Employee 09/2011
SF1153 Claim for Unpaid Compensation of Deceased Civilian Employee 08/2011
SF1154 Public Voucher for Unpaid Compensation Due a Deceased Civilian Employee 09/1967
SF1156 Public Voucher for Fees and Mileage of Witnesses 1970
GSA1160 Guide for Assembling Specifications, Specification Drawings, and Bid Forms 04/1984
SF1164 Claim for Reimbursement for Expenditures on Official Business 11/1977
GSA1166 Annual Report of Real Property Owned By or Leased To the United States 10/1997
OF1169 U.S. Government Transportation Request 02/2013
GSA1169 Closed Value Warning Tag 03/1962
SF1170 Redemption of Unused Tickets - Original 04/2001
GSA1171 New Item Application 04/1995
SF1174 Claim for Unpaid Compensation of Deceased Member of the Uniformed Services 09/1992
GSA1181B Contract Cleaning Inspection Assignment 09/1991
GSA1181A Contract Cleaning Inspection Report 12/1997
GSA1181 Cleaning Inspection Report 01/1964
SF1184 Unavailable Check Cancellation 10/2005
SF1186 Transmittal for Transportation Schedules and Related Basic Documents 09/2011
SF1187 Request for Payroll Deductions for Labor Organization Dues 03/1989
SF1188 Cancellation of Payroll Deductions for Labor Organization Dues 04/2011
SF1190 Foreign Allowances Application, Grant and Report 07/2009
SF1198 Request by Employee for Allotment of Pay for Credit to Savings Account with a Financial Organization 03/1982
SF1199A Direct Deposit Sign-Up Form 06/1987
SF1200 Government Bill of Lading Correction Notice 08/1982
GSA1204 Condition Survey Report 09/2014
GSA1217 Lessor's Annual Cost Statement 07/1994
GSA1226 Contract to Sell Real Property 03/1975
GSA1228 Monthly Report of Real Property Appraisal Contracts Awarded 07/1986
GSA1231 Elevator Data Card 02/1956
GSA1239 Construction Management Site Data Inventory 05/1977
GSA1241E In-Lease Appraisal 07/1977
GSA1241B Outline for In-Lease Appraisal Report 07/1977
GSA1241A Specifications for the GSA Analytical Narrative Appraisal Report 12/1985
GSA1241D Definition of Terms (Contract for Appraisal Report) 07/1977
GSA1241 Contract for Appraisal Report 09/1973
APRS1291 Recommendation for Performance Recognition 06/2005
GSA1305 Reviewer's Appraisal Analysis 07/1986
GSA1321 Conversation with Member of Congress or Member's Staff 03/1990
GSA1334 Request for Transfer of Excess Real and Related Personal Property 06/1977
GSA1349 Personal Data Statement 08/1976
GSA1364 Proposal to Lease Space 08/2008
GSA1364A Simplified Lease Proposal 12/2012
GSA1364A-1 Simplified Lease Proposal Data 12/2012
GSA1364B Streamlined Lease Proposal Part 1 12/2012
GSA1364C Propsoal to Lease Space - Response to Request 12/2012
GSA1364D Proposal to Lease Space - Request for Lease 12/2012
GSA1364G Proposal to Lease Space Guidance 08/2008
GSA1364i GSA1364 Instructions 08/2008
GSA1374 Motor Vehicle Petroleum Issue Record 12/2007
GSA1378 Record of, and Receipt For, Bids and Responses 07/1975
GSA1380 National Security Position 03/1999
GSA1390B Quarterly Postage Mail Report, Record of Accountable Stamped Mail Report 07/2006
GSA1390A Quarterly Postage Mail Report, Record of Accountable Metered Mail Report 09/2006
SF1402 Certificate of Appointment 10/1983
SF1403 Preaward Survey of Prospective Contractor - General 01/2014
SF1404 Preaward Survey of Prospective Contractor - Technical 01/2014
SF1405 Preaward Survey of Prospective Contractor - Production 01/2014
SF1406 Preaward Survey of Prospective Contractor - Quality Assurance 01/2014
SF1407 Preaward Survey of Prospective Contractor - Financial Capability 01/2014
GSA1407 MHE Shop Repair Order 05/1984
SF1408 Preaward Survey of Prospective Contractor - Accounting System 01/2014
SF1409 Abstract of Offers 09/1988
SF1410 Abstract of Offers - Continuation 09/1988
SF1413 Statement and Acknowledgment 04/2013
SF1414 Consent of Surety 05/1997
SF1415 Consent of Surety and Increase of Penalty 07/1993
SF1416 Payment Bond for Other than Construction Contracts 10/1998
SF1418 Performance Bond for Other than Construction Contracts 10/1993
OF1419A Abstract of Offers - Construction - Continuation Sheet 11/1988
OF1419 Abstract of Offers - Construction 11/1988
SF1420 Performance Evaluation - Construction Contracts 10/1983
SF1421 Performance Evaluation (Architect-Engineer) 10/1983
SF1423 Inventory Verification Survey 05/2004
SF1424 Inventory Disposal Report 05/2004
SF1427 Inventory Schedule A - Continuation Sheet (Metals in Mill Product Form) 07/1989
SF1428 Inventory Disposal Schedule 06/2007
SF1429 Inventory Disposal Schedule - Continuation Sheet 05/2004
SF1430 Inventory Schedule C (Work-In-Process) 12/1996
SF1431 Inventory Schedule C - Continuation Sheet (Work-in-Process) 07/1989
GSA1432 Determination of Surplus (Excess Real Property and Related Personal Property) 01/1992
SF1432 Inventory Schedule D - Continuation Sheet (Special Tooling and Special Test Equipment) 12/1996
SF1433 Inventory Schedule D - Continuation Sheet (Special Tooling and Special Test Equipment) 07/1989
GSA1433 Specifications for GSA Site Investigation Report 08/1975
SF1434 Termination Inventory Schedule E (Short form for use with SF1438 Only) 12/1996
SF1435 Settlement Proposal (Inventory Basis) 09/1997
SF1436 Settlement Proposal (Total Cost Basis) 05/2004
SF1437 Settlement Proposal for Cost - Reimbursement Type Contracts 09/1997
SF1438 Settlement Proposal (Short Form) 05/2004
SF1439 Schedule of Accounting Information 07/1989
SF1440 Application for Partial Payment 01/1995
GSA1440 Clearance Record and Worksheet 10/1984
SF1442 Solicitation, Offer and Award (Construction, Alteration or Repair) 08/2014
SF1443 Contractor's Request for Progress Payment 07/2009
SF1444 Request for Authorization of Additional Classification and Rate 04/2013
SF1445 Labor Standards Interview 12/1996
SF1446 Labor Standards Investigation Summary Sheet 04/2013
SF1447 Solicitation/Contract 02/2012
SF1449 Solicitation/Contract/Order for Commercial Items 02/2012
GSA1458 Motor Vehicle Maintenance, Repair and Service Purchase Order 05/2005
GSA1500 Report of Security Violation 07/1960
GSA1502 GSA Issuance Number 08/1970
GSA1520 Proposal Record 04/1989
GSA1533 Utilities Contract 03/1963
GSA1535 Recommendation for Award 03/1989
GSA1535A Recommendation for Award(s) Continuation 04/1984
GSA1544 YLP Marking and Repacking Charges Record 01/1998
GSA1560 Recommendation of Evaluation Panel 08/1991
GSA1566 Top Secret Control Sheet 09/1974
GSA1567 Register of Top Secret Material 09/1974
GSA1577 Performance Analysis Report 12/1976
GSA1582 Revocable License for Non-Federal Use of Real Property 10/2013
GSA1583 Permit for Use of Real Property by Federal Agency 09/1998
GSA1584 Contract Summary 07/1976
GSA1584A Contract Summary - Continuation 07/1976
GSA1593 Motor Vehicle Accident Resume 05/1994
GSA1600 Great Seal Order Form 03/2011
GSA1602 Notice Concerning Solicitation 04/1992
GSA1611 Application for Shipping Instructions and Notice of Availability 12/1991
GSA1626 Record of Expenditures (Economy Act Limitation) 06/1960
GSA1639 Contract Item Data File Maintenance 12/1996
GSA1649 Notification of Federal Supply Schedule Improvement 12/1998
GSA1655 Employee Clearance Checklist 03/2012
GSA1656 Inventory of Emergency Operating Records 06/1990
GSA1656B Identification Label - Prepositioned Records 06/1990
GSA1667 Register of Purchases (Retail Operations) 01/1986
GSA1675A Periodic Space Inspection 04/2007
GSA1678 Status Report of Orders and Shipments 10/1981
GSA1679 Contract Administration 05/1976
GSA1683 Negotiated Electric Utility Contract 04/1961
GSA1686 Real Property Disposal Activities Control 02/1992
GSA1686A Real Property Disposal Activities Control - Continuation Sheet 07/1976
GSA1735 Information Regarding Buy American Act 04/1984
GSA1736 Equipment Inventory List 06/1980
GSA1737 Operator Assignment 06/1970
GSA1738 Preventive Maintenance Control 07/1981
GSA1739 Equipment History 07/1961
GSA1741A Instructions to Bidders - Auction (Government Real and Related Personal Property) 05/1990
GSA1741 Instructions to Bidders - Sealed Bid (Government Real and Related Personal Property) 05/1990
GSA1742 General Terms of Sale (Government Real and Related Personal Property) 05/1990
GSA1743 General Terms of Lease (Government Real and Related Personal Property) 05/1974
GSA1748 Weekly Itinerary (GSA Quality Assurance Specialist) 06/1993
GSA1755 Permit for Welding, Cutting, or Brazing 06/1991
GSA1760 For Lease - Government Real Property 11/1975
GSA1766 Structured Approach Profit/Fee Objective 11/1982
GSA1781 Motor Vehicle Requisition 09/2009
GSA1782 Buildings Manager Concessions Inspection Record 12/1997
GSA1789A Former President's Domestic Mail 05/2009
GSA1789B Former President's International Mail 12/2007
GSA1814 Job Order Control 06/1971
GSA1879 Maintenance Authorization 07/1975
GSA1887 PBS Elevator Operation Schedule 09/1963
GSA1903 Notice to Bidder (Construction Contract) 04/1984
GSA1904 Quality Evaluation 03/1986
GSA1919 Business Service Center Activity Report 04/1987
GSA1974 Notification of Outside Activity 07/1986
GSA1995 Return of Payroll Document for Correction 04/1984
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Number Name Revision
GSA2010 Simplified Acquisition Tabulation Source List/Abstract 03/1999
GSA2039 Records File Plan and Inventory 05/2014
GSA2041 General Terms Applicable to Negotiated Sales - Surplus Real Property 05/1990
SF2050 Reconstitution Questionnaire 05/2014
GSA2053 Agency Consolidated Requirements for GSA Regulations and Other External Issuances 06/2002
GSA2068A ADP Sharing Services Provided to Other Agencies or Obtained from Commercial Sources 07/1985
GSA2075 Quarterly Summary of Government Motor Vehicle Accidents 01/1991
GSA2080 Invoice Discrepancies (Vehicle Repairs or Credit Card Purchases) 06/1994
GSA2082 Request for Employees' Uniform Allowance Payments 01/1968
GSA2083 Request for Official Passport 03/1999
GSA2094 Imprest Fund Cash Count 02/1986
GSA2099 EEO Counselor Credentials 08/1996
GSA2103 Annual Man-Hour Tour Requirements - Operating Engineer 10/1981
GSA2103A Annual Man-Hour Tour Requirements - Elevator Mechanic 10/1981
GSA2103B Annual Man-Hour Tour Requirements - Electrician 10/1981
GSA2104 Annual Man-Hour Watch Requirements - Central Refrigeration Plant 10/1981
GSA2104A Annual Man-Hour Watch Requirements - Steam Generating Plant (High Pressure) 10/1981
GSA2105 Annual Man-Hour Preventive Maintenance Requirements 11/1970
GSA2107 Annual Building Operation and Maintenance Craft Requirements 10/1981
GSA2109 Annual Field Office Craft Requirements 10/1981
GSA2116 Employee Claim for Loss or Damage to Personal Property 07/2002
GSA2131 Building Cleaning Survey - Summary Sheet 07/1981
GSA2151 Records Maintenance and Disposition Report 06/1992
GSA2157 Statement of Employment and Financial Interests 05/1992
GSA2160 Acknowledgment of Receipt of Standards of Conduct 12/1992
GSA2178 Quality Control Facility Surveillance 05/1989
GSA2192 Request for Forms Management Services (GSA Forms) 08/2011
GSA2206 DO Priority Rating Register 05/1967
GSA2255 Service Agreement and Duplicate Reimbursement Disclosure Statement - Moving Expense Allowances (Within the United States and Return From Foreign Post) 06/2012
GSA2352 ID Label for Personal Property Items 11/1981
GSA2400 Shop Drawing Record (Architectural) 04/1968
GSA2401 Record of Sample Submittals 04/1968
GSA2419 Certificate of Progress Payment Under Fixed-Price Construction Contracts 04/1989
GSA2429 Contact Record 08/1990
GSA2437 Findings of Fact for Contract Modification 04/1984
GSA2451 Bid Card 04/2003
GSA2452 Sales Register 09/1971
GSA2465 Notice of Appeal 06/1985
GSA2480 List of Defects and Omissions 04/1999
GSA2480A List of Defects or Omissions (continuation sheet) 09/1969
GSA2485 Cost Comparison for Shipping Household Goods 04/1998
GSA2494 Claim for Reimbursement of Closing Costs for Sale of Old Residence 10/1989
GSA2494A Claim for Reimbursement of Closing Costs for Purchase of New Residence 10/1989
GSA2507 GSA Vacancy Announcement 06/1989
GSA2511P1 Temporary Quarters Expense Report 10/1989
GPO2511 Print Order
GSA2511p2 Temporary Quarters Expense Report page 2 10/1989
GSA2520 Allotment 11/1997
GSA2522 Quality Review 07/1994
GSA2543 Low Voltage Circuit Breaker Test Record (Less than 600 volts) 01/1970
GSA2543A Network Protector Test Record 01/1970
GSA2548 Monthly Labor Report (For WG Employees) 03/1991
GSA2551 QA Surveillance Control 03/1970
GSA2552 Request and Approval for Transfer of Vehicles 05/1994
GSA2553 Vehicle Capitalization, Repair and Disposal Request and Authorization 05/1994
GSA2561 Weekly Status Report - Outstanding Receipts 08/1970
GSA2578 Report of Investigation of Claim for Waiver of Erroneous Payment of Pay and Allowances 02/2009
GSA2580 Guard Post Assignment Record 09/1970
GSA2620 Monthly/Quarterly Inventory Report 12/1970
GSA2630 Architect-Engineer Cost Estimate 09/2014
GSA2631 Architect-Engineer Cost Estimate Summary 09/2014
GSA2648 EEO Counseling Report 01/1985
GSA2689 Small Business Analysis Record 08/2014
GSA2722 PBS Facility Security Checklist 12/1971
GSA2727 Request to Add Item(s) to GSA Retail Stock 10/1984
SF2800 Application for Death Benefits - Civil Service Retirement System 11/2011
SF2800A Documentation and Elections in Support of Application for Death Benefits When Deceased was an Employee at the Time of Death 03/2012
SF2801 Application for Immediate Retirement - CSRS 06/2007
SF2802 Application for Refund of Retirement Deductions - CSRS 09/2013
SF2803 Application to Make Deposit or Redeposit - CSRS 04/2010
SF2804a Information Regarding Voluntary Contributions - CSRS 02/1999
SF2804 Application to Make Voluntary Contributions - CSRS 07/2006
SF2808 Designation of Beneficiary - CSRS 06/2011
SF2809 Federal Employee Health Benefits Election Form 08/2011
SF2810 Notice of Change in Health Benefits Enrollment 06/1995
SF2812A Report of Withholdings and Contributions for Health Benefits Life Insurance and Retirement 11/2013
SF2817 Life Insurance Election 11/2011
SF2818 Continuation of Life Insurance Coverage as an Annuitant or Compensationer (FEGLI) 02/2012
SF2819 Notice of Conversion Privilege - Federal Employees' Life Insurance Program 05/1995
SF2820 Certificate of Insured Employee's Retirement Status 07/2000
SF2821 Agency Certification of Insurance Status - Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance Program 05/1995
SF2822 Request for Insurance - Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) Program 12/2013
SF2823 Designation of Beneficiary - FEGLI 05/2014
GSA2828 Request for Retirement Estimate 07/2014
GSA2874 Retail Operations Annual Inventory Report 11/2013
GSA2908 Employee's Withholding Certificate for Local Taxes 11/1978
GSA2910 Contract Employee Suitability Record 04/1979
GSA2912D Bidder Registration - Auction (Set D) 03/1995
GSA2912B Bidder Registration - Auction (Set B) 03/1995
GSA2912 Bidder Registration 08/1996
GSA2912A Bidder Registration - Auction (Set A) 03/1995
GSA2912C Bidder Registration - Auction (Set C) 03/1995
GSA2931 Item Number Card 07/1995
GSA2935 FBF - TID - General Purpose Coding Document 05/1970
GSA2941 Parking Application 12/2003
GSA2957 Reimbursable Work Authorization 02/2011
GSA2967 Request for Specification and/or Purchase Description Action 06/1984
GSA2972 Agency Request for Adjustment/OPAC Charge-Backs to FBF Rent Billings 09/1999
GSA2974 Status Report for Federally Funded or Leased Buildings - Accommodation of Physically Handicapped 06/1981
GSA2981 Extension of Acceptance Time for Bid 01/1992
GSA2991 Lease Market Survey for Existing Building 06/2007
GSA2992 Adjustment Voucher for Standard Level User Charge Transaction 05/1982
GSA2997 Annual Report on Relocation and Real Property Acquisition Activities 12/1977
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Number Name Revision
GSA3017 Labor Standards Interview 04/1984
GSA3024 Contract Information Multiple Award Federal Supply Schedule 09/1990
GSA3025 Receiving Report 06/2005
GSA3026 Asset Control System 02/1992
GSA3079 Record of Official Time Used for Representational Functions 03/1985
GSA3080 Household Goods Carrier Evaluation Report 06/2011
GSA3091 Working Capital Fund Billing Input Transmittal/Batch Record 06/1978
SF3102 Designation of Beneficiary - FERS 02/2012
SF3104 Application for Death Benefits - FERS 05/2013
SF3104B Documentation and Elections in Support of Application for Death Benefits when Deceased was an Employee at the Time of Death (FERS) 04/2012
SF3106 Application for Refund of Retirement Deductions - FERS 08/2011
SF3107 Application for Immediate Retirement (FERS) 05/2012
SF3108 Application to Make Service Credit Payment (FERS) 06/2013
SF3109 Election of Coverage - Federal Employees' Retirement System 07/1989
SF3110 Former Spouse's Consent to FERS Election 06/1990
SF3111 Request for Waiver, Extension, or Search In Connection with Election of FERS Coverage 06/1990
SF3112 Documentation in Support of Disability Retirement Application 05/2011
SF3112-1 Information About Disability Retirement (CSRS) 03/1996
SF3112-2 Information About Disability Retirement (FERS) 03/1996
SF3113 Applying for Immediate Retirement Under the FERS System 05/2012
GSA3118 Confirmation of Personal Property Reported for Disposal Action 02/1993
GSA3162 Security Termination Statement 08/1983
GSA3163p1 Operations Activity Report 08/1984
GSA3167 Long Supply Excess Determination 11/2013
GSA3169 Reconciliation of Sale of Government-Owned Personal Property 07/1995
GSA3192 Probationary Period Appraisal Report for Supervisor/Manager 08/1979
GSA3196 Sale of Government Personal Property - Auction 11/1983
GSA3197 Sale of Government Personal Property - Spot Bid 11/1983
GSA3222 Shipping Order 09/1974
GSA3279 Packaging, Packing and Marking Deficiency Report 09/1984
GSA3282A Operating Budget Plan 09/1979
GSA3283 Federal Buildings Fund - Operating Budget Plan 04/1985
GSA3285 FBF Project Allowance 09/1994
GSA3291 Monthly Performance Report 04/1977
GSA3320 Estimate Worksheet 09/1980
GSA3359 Master Calibration Record 04/1977
GSA3363 Privacy Act Information Disclosure Record 06/1976
GSA3375 Proposal Brief for Publications and Audiovisuals 11/1986
GSA3400 Correspondence Routing Slip 01/1983
GSA3401 Document Summary 10/2006
GSA3402 Information Copy and Background Tab 10/1979
GSA3403 Signature and Incoming Tab 03/1987
GSA3409 Personal Qualifications Statement for Appointment as Contracting Officer 12/1989
GSA3410 Request for Appointment 12/1989
GSA3412 Initial Screening Worksheet for Merit Promotion Action 11/1979
GSA3413 Supervisory Appraisal of Demonstrated Performance or Potential 10/1984
GSA3418 Crediting Plan for Candidate Evaluation 09/1980
GSA3419 Candidate Ranking Worksheet 08/1980
GSA3420 Contract/Modification File Checklist File Format (Award) 02/1989
GSA3422 Individual Development Plan 08/1996
GSA3423 Mechanical Contract Inspection Report 05/2010
NFFE3440 Performance Plan and Appraisal Record for NFFE Bargaining Unit Employees 03/2005
GSA3440B Performance Plan and Appraisal Record for Non-Senior Executive Service Management and Supervisory Associates 05/2005
AFGE3440 Performance Plan and Appraisal Record for AFGE Bargaining Unit Employees 03/2005
GSA3440 Performance Plan and Appraisal Record for Non-Supervisory Associates 04/2005
GSA3453 Application/Permit for Use of Space in Public Buildings and Grounds 09/2012
GSA3459 Semiannual Affirmative Action Plan Accomplishment Report for Disabled Persons Including Disabled Veterans 01/1981
GSA3467 Formal Complaint of Discrimination 08/1993
GSA3471 Abstract of Offers 10/1985
GSA3474 Project Cost Comparison Summary 02/1981
GSA3486 Lease of Real Property 10/2013
GSA3505 Labor Standards (Construction Contract)(Applicable to Contracts in Excess of $2,000) 08/1988
GSA3516 Solicitation Provisions (Acquisition of Leasehold Interests in Real Property) 06/2012
GSA3516A Solicitation Provisions (For Simplified Acquisition of Leasehold Interests in Real Property) 06/2012
GSA3517 General Clauses (Acquisition of Leasehold Interests in Real Property) 11/2005
GSA3517C General Clauses (Short Form, Full Text) 11/2005
GSA3517A General Clauses (Short Form) 11/2005
GSA3517B General Clauses (Acquisition of Leasehold Interests in Real Property) 03/2013
GSA3518 Representations and Certifications (Acquisition of Leasehold Interests in Real Property) 05/2013
GSA3518A Representations and Certifications (Short Form) 05/2013
GSA3521 Blanket Purchase Agreement 04/1992
GSA3525 Application for Customer Supply Center Services and Address Change 08/1995
GSA3526 Monthly Report of Disposal Appraisal Activity 06/1984
GSA3535 Request For Cataloging/Supply Management Data Action 09/1994
GSA3539 Quality Deficiency Notice 11/1984
GSA3542 Customer Supply Center Order 03/1999
GSA3551 Contract/Charter/Rental Aircraft Cost and Utilization 01/2005
GSA3557 Tax Status Certification 03/2013
GSA3559B Follow-up Status Report for Facility Safety, Health or Fire Protection Survey 10/1985
GSA3560 Determination of Position Sensitivity 02/1992
GSA3566 Office Automation System Request and Description 09/1986
GSA3572 Customer Supply Center Stock Adjustment 12/2013
GSA3580 Customer Supply Center Discrepancy Report 07/1986
GSA3582 Request for Visit Approval 10/1986
GSA3586 Notice of Non-Federal Claims Receivable 08/1987
GSA3590 Authorization for Release of Information 09/2011
GSA3592 GSA Employee Report of Unsafe or Unhealthy Working Conditions 07/1992
GSA3594 Personal Property Sales Package Transmittal 07/2010
GSA3599 Program Component - Basic Information - Description 03/2004
GSA3601 Monthly Home-to-Work Transportation Log 10/1988
GSA3602 Credit Card Collection - Excess Travel Advances 06/1989
GSA3602A Credit Card Collection - Leases 06/1989
GSA3602B Credit Card Collection - Claims and Debits 08/2009
GSA3607 Motor Vehicle Operator's License and Driving Record 08/1989
GSA3608 Procurement Integrity Certification of Departing GSA Procurement Official 09/1990
GSA3611 Source Selection Information Cover Page 07/1989
GSA3617 Record of Authorization of Access to Proprietary or Source Selection Information 09/1990
GSA3618 Daily Abstract of Deductions for Contractual Cleaning 11/1980
GSA3620 Report of GSA Property Damage or Non-GSA Employee Personal Injury 02/1991
GSA3622 Senior Executive Service Recertification 06/1991
GSA3623 Supervisor's Supplemental Report of GSA Employee Injury/Illness 04/1991
GSA3624 Log of Federal Occupational Injuries and Illnesses 04/1991
GSA3625 Confined Space Entry Permit 10/1981
GSA3626 U.S. Government Lease for Real Property (Short Form) 04/2009
GSA3627 Market Survey 01/1997
GSA3628 Lease Action Summary 01/1997
GSA3631 Evaluation Panel Summary 04/2011
GSA3635 Refund 03/2011
GSA3636 GSA Record of Purchase Card Orders 03/1996
GSA3637 Severance Pay Worksheet 12/1993
GSA3638 Pest Control Work and Inspection Report 08/1992
GSA3641 Senior Federal Travel 08/1995
GSA3648 Public Trust Position 08/1998
GSA3650 Inquiry for US Government Use Only (Educational Inquiry) 05/1994
GSA3651 Inquiry for United States Government Use Only (Law Enforcement Inquiry) 05/1994
GSA3654 Modified Work Agreement Flexible Workplace Program (Work at Home) 05/1995
GSA3655 Work At Home Program Safety Checklist - Employee Certification 05/1995
GSA3656 Supervisory-Employee Checkout List 05/1995
GSA3657 Flexiplace Renewal Agreement 05/1995
GSA3661 Purchase Card Application and Maintenance 09/2014
GSA3665 Authorization to Obtain Credit Report 05/1998
GSA3667 Application for Transportation Fringe Benefits 12/2013
GSA3671 Individual Contract Report for Contracts Exceeding $182,000 for the Purchase of Supplies and Equipment (Nonappropriated Funds) 03/2000
GSA3672 Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS) Contracting Office Code Report 04/2000
GSA3674 Child Care Subsidy Application - Parent 03/2002
GSA3675A Transit Subsidy Program Application (SmartBenefits) 06/2010
GSA3675 Transit Subsidy Program Application 06/2010
GSA3676 Confirmation of Reasonable Accommodation 11/2001
GSA3677 Review of Reasonable Accommodation Request 11/2001
GSA3681A Guidance for Lease File Checklise 06/2005
GSA3681 Lease File Checklist 06/2005
GSA3683 Performance Appraisal Self-Assessment Summary 02/2005
AFGE3683 GSA Performance Appraisal - Self Assessment Summary for AFGE Bargaining Unit Employees 03/2005
NFFE3683 GSA Performance Appraisal - Self Assessment Summary for NFFE Bargaining Unit Employees 03/2005
GSA3686A Temporary Certificate of Occupancy 09/2006
GSA3686B Certificate of Occupancy 09/2006
GSA3688 Employee's Service Agreement for Receipt of a Recruitment Incentive 08/2008
GSA3689 Employee's Service Agreement for Receipt of a Relocation Incentive 08/2008
GSA3690 Employee's Service Agreement for Receipt of a Retention Incentive 08/2008
GSA3693 Request for Waiver of Dual Compensation (Salary Offset) Need to Retain 04/2009
GSA3694 Request for Waiver of Dual Compensation (Salary Offset) Other Unusual Circumstances 04/2009
GSA3695 Mentor-Protege Program Application 01/2013
GSA3696 Command Center Personnel/Occupant Emergency Team Coordinators Present for Evacuation 10/2009
GSA3697 Evacuation Report/Survey 10/2009
GSA3698 Employee Requesting Evacuation Assistance 10/2009
GSA3699 Safe Haven Inspection Checklist 01/2010
GSA3700 Congressional Notification (Contract Awards) 01/2011
GSA3701 Travel Training Registration Form 02/2011
GSA3702 Nondiscrimination in Federal Financial Assistance Compliance Questionnaire for Recipients 11/2012
GSA3703 Virtual and Satellite Work Arrangement Analysis Tool 08/2012
GSA3704 GSA CHRIS Access Authorization Request 04/2013
GSA3705 Client Agency CHRIS Access Authorization Request 04/2013
GSA3706 SPF Application 11/2012
GSA3707 SPF Project Submission 11/2012
GSA3708 Invoice 12/2012
GSA3709 Internet Service and Print Device Action Request 06/2013
GSA3711 Records Box Manifest/File List 06/2013
GSA3712 Records Transmittal 06/2013
GSA3713 Records Transfer Labels 06/2013
GSA3718 Concur Government Edition (CGE) Access Request 05/2014
SF3881 ACH Vendor/Miscellaneous Payment Enrollment Form 02/2003
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Number Name Revision
GSA5000 Education Data Update 09/2014
GSA5001 New Hire Forms Checklist 09/2014
GSA5002 New Hire General Forms Checklist 09/2014
SF5510 Authorization Agreement for Preauthorized Payments 02/2005
DS7604 Living Quarters Summary Expenditure Report 05/2006
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Number Name Revision
GSA6027 Security Specialist Worksheet 09/1990
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Number Name Revision
GSA7437 Art-In-Architecture Program - National Artist Registry 02/2013
GSA7925 Notice of Overcharge 10/1989
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Number Name Revision
GSA9534 Board of Contract Appeals Subpoena 07/2012
GSA9771 Administrative Grievance 12/2013
GSA12000 Prelease Fire Protection and Life Safety Evaluation for an Office Building 05/2011
SF13327 Report of Real Property Available for Transfer to Federal Agencies 05/2008
SF13327A Report of Real Property Available for Transfer to Federal Agencies (Continuation Sheet) 05/2008
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