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Publication Media - Schedule 76

Schedule 76  makes information available to customers in any media option of their choice. The contractors on schedule are some of the world's leading information service, knowledge management, e-publishing and data research solution providers. Information is readily available with a click of the mouse!

Countless publications are now delivered electronically, ranging from electronic subscriptions and applications to eBooks. In support of GSA's commitment to green service offerings, many publications on Schedule 76 have gone digital. We have Schedule holders that offer a myriad of digital services including, but not limited to:

  • e-Publishing;
  • On demand publishing;
  • Digital editing and workflow solutions; and
  • Online bookselling services. 

These green services reduce the need for print publishing and assist in continuing your sustainability efforts. Other green services highlighted below include lending library and online subscription services, as well as entertainment news, multi-media and transcription services for your eBook content.

Periodical and subscription services provide access to a host of multi-media products, kits, and entertainment and news wire services. Schedule holders include the McGraw-Hill Companies, Thomson Reuters, LexisNexis and the Kiplinger Washington Editors. Selections are available on every subject in both print and digital format, including legal, medical, financial, accounting, and technical specifications, as well as business management reference materials.

Attractive offerings on this Schedule are the Dow Jones publications and news wires. Additionally, customers can purchase reference material to assist with various areas of market research, such as newsletters, directories, and company profiles for research on various business industries.

Customers can purchase Lending Library Services for books, maps and periodicals online. Disciplines available include economics, education, literature, management and computer reference manuals. Orders can be placed directly with the contractor.

Schedule 76

Variety of offerings include:

SIN Number SIN Name
760 1 Books and Pamphlets
760 2 Periodical, Subscriptions Services
760 3 Editorial, Publishing and Library Media Services
760 4 Online Book Selling Services and Associated Items
760 5 Lending Library Services
760 6 Entertainment, News, and Library Media

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for answers to common questions on Schedule 76 - Publication Media.

These services can be purchased from GSA Advantage!®, GSA's online shopping website. 

For additional information regarding this Schedule, please research Schedule 76 on GSA's online Schedules eLibrary website.

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