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Standard Tender of Service (STOS)

GSA's Standard Tender of Service (STOS) serves as the base document for the transportation of Freight-All-Kinds (FAK) shipments by federal civilian agencies participating in GSA's Freight Management Program.

The Standard Tender of Service is comprised of three parts:

  • GSA General Freight Tender of Service No. 1-F establishes such things as carrier approval requirements, solicitation and submission of rate offer procedures, performance requirements, service standards, and non-use procedures;
  • GSA National Rules Tender No. 100-D replaces all carrier and bureau accessorial and rule tariffs; and
  • GSA Baseline Rate Publication No. 1000-D replaces all carrier and bureau line haul tariffs.

Rate offers for the transportation of FAK shipments, solicited and accepted in accordance with the STOS, provides participating federal agencies with the most economical and responsive transportation rates and services. In addition to assisting participating federal agencies with the transport of their FAK shipments, GSA will also help those agencies with all other freight-related shipments and questions.

For the most current document, please refer to the Current GSA Freight RFO and STOS web page.


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