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Information Technology Services and Solutions

Technology Services Solutions Center provides direct support for development and management of applications, features and services of the portal and facilitates contracts that support web operations. Operations are focused around the following primary elements:

Support for Portal – Continuing operations and support for the portal including application development, integration with other applications, infrastructure and hosting operations. The Division also manages a search program for and its related web sites that is also offered to other government websites under an affiliate program.

Providing Security Services for Programs – Continuing operations and support for the security services including investigation, analysis, and documentation in support of certification and accreditation activities; day-to-day security oversight; and continuous updates to the infrastructure to respond to emerging threats.

Leadership – Developing applications, features and services for and sharing best practices with other e-government initiatives.  The Division shares its expertise with other agencies and EGov initiatives in order to encourage their development using industry best practices related to application development, cloud hosting, security and other related practices. Search Services

Delivering search results on more than 1,500 websites across federal, state, and local government, USASearch enables the public to quickly find and use the information they need. With 24 million searches each month, USASearch is powering the search box on some of the most popular websites in government, including,,,, and

It’s so easy to take for granted. You go to a website, enter keywords in the search box, and find the results you’re looking for. But imagine the cost and time involved if every government agency and website had to acquire and run its own search engine.

USASearch takes that burden off agencies’ hands. It is a commercial-grade service that gives the public a great search experience on government websites. And, by using free or low-cost commercial APIs and open source software, OCSIT currently provides USASearch free to federal, state, and local agencies., E-Gov, Electronic Government, e-government