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Bob Baker Fleet Manager of the Year Awards

GSA and the Federal Fleet Policy Council (FedFleet) are currently accepting nominations for the Bob Baker Fleet Manager of the Year Awards. These awards, designated in four separate categories, are designed to recognize and honor individuals who have demonstrated exceptional skills and abilities in the Federal motor vehicle fleet management profession. The awards are named in honor of Mr. Bob Baker, a founding member of FedFleet as well as a long time fleet manager for the Navy.  The nomination period is closed.

The Bob Baker Fleet Manager of the Year Awards fall into the following four categories:

Categories Definitions
Civilian Agencies
Small Fleet At least 20/Less than 500 Vehicles
Large Fleet 500 Vehicles or More
Military Fleets
Small Fleet At least 20/Less than 500 Vehicles
Large Fleet 500 Vehicles or More

Please note: Fleet managers of military departments will compete against other fleet managers of military departments and fleet managers of civilian agencies will compete against fleet managers of other civilian agencies.

Each department or agency may nominate up to four individuals (the Secretary of Defense, representing also the Departments of the Air Force, Army, and Navy, may submit up to 16 candidates for these awards). Group nominations will not be accepted; however, you are encouraged to nominate individuals who led the group(s).Department or agency heads or an appropriate designee must sign all letters transmitting nominations to GSA.

Self nominations:
The department or agency head or an appropriate designee must endorse all self-nomination transmittal letters.

Eligible nominees:
Motor vehicle fleet personnel responsible, as their primary duty, for the performance for an agency-owned or leased motor vehicle fleet in excess of 20 vehicles for small fleets or 500 or more vehicles for large fleets; that have excelled in professional fleet management; demonstrated innovative methods towards meeting Federal fleet challenges; and achieved superior results in their responsible fleet performance.  All accomplishments must have been initiated by or completed within the last twelve months prior to submission of the nomination. Contractors are not eligible to participate. 

The Narrative should not exceed four pages and must include the name and telephone number of the nominee and the name and telephone number of the nominating official at the top of each page. Please provide a typed narrative, in Microsoft Word only, that addresses each of the following criteria in the order listed below:

Nominee’s Responsibilities: (25 pts)
Your narrative should describe the nominee's duties as motor vehicle fleet manager. These duties may include, but are not limited to, asset management, fiduciary responsibility, risk management, and fleet analysis.

Additional Duties: (5 pts)
Your narrative should describe the additional duties that the nominee may have within his or her agency. Some examples may include property management, facilities manager, and safety.

Major Accomplishments: (25 pts)
Your narrative should best describe the major accomplishments that led to the candidate's nomination. Descriptions should include, dollars savings, agency impact, and best practices. (Examples: implementing an agency fleet management information system; creating vehicle allocation methodology; reducing budget costs; developing metrics and performance benchmarks).

Greening of the Government: (25 pts)
Today's fleet manager is constantly challenged by the current environmental climate. Meeting the demanding requirements of Executive Order 13514, Executive Order, 13423 and the Energy Policy Act (EPAct) of 1992 and 2005 are challenging. Describe what the nominee has done in his or her agency to meet these goals to build a sustainable, green, eco-friendly fleet.

Leadership: (15pts)
A successful fleet manager has many attributes vital to handling various roles. The candidate must be able to energize, motivate, guide, influence, and work cooperatively within their own and other agencies to achieve goals. Your narrative should describe how the nominee's passion for their profession is leading the way. Include any professional certification(s) he or she has accomplished.

Awards: (5 pts)
Has the nominee been recognized for their extraordinary commitment or contributions to the motor vehicle fleet profession during the last year? Give a brief description of the nominee's recognition or awards.

A separate biography of the nominee is also required and must be in Microsoft Word, not exceeding one page and covering up to a 20-year period. It must include the present number of motor vehicles the nominee is responsible for and should present a series of accomplishments that demonstrate the nominee's commitment to the success of the Federal motor vehicle program. Also, it may include a description of the nominee's civic and charitable participation.

Each nomination package must include the nomination form (below), a narrative describing the nominee's accomplishments and a brief biography of the nominee. The package shouldbe emailed to Please call Ms. Perry at (202) 501-3347 to confirm receipt. Nominations must be received by January 31, 2013. The letter of transmittal should be  addressed to:

Carolyn Austin-Diggs
Principal Deputy for Asset and Transportation Management
Office of Governmentwide Policy
Office of Asset and Transportation Management (MA)
One Constitution Square
1275 First Street, NE
Room 684
Washington, DC 20417

If you have any questions regarding these awards, please contact Jacquie C. Perry at (202) 501-3347 or email at

Past Award Winners

 Description Format/Size 
2012 Bob Baker Awards Nomination Form  [PDF - 869k]
2012 Winners of the Bob Baker Fleet Manager Awards PDF - 576 KB]
2010 Winners of the Bob Baker Fleet Manager Awards  [PDF - 28k]
2009 Winners of the Bob Baker Fleet Manager Awards  [Word - 26k]
2008 Winners of the Bob Baker Fleet Manager Awards  [Word - 898k]
2007 Winners of the Bob Baker Fleet Manager Awards  [Word - 173k]
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