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GSA Global Supply™ Overview

GSA Global Supply provides federal users, military or civilian, worldwide access to common-use items like office products, tools and cleaning supplies. Users can requisition items and pay with a government purchase card or through direct billing via an Activity Address Code (AAC/DoDAAC). Multiple ordering methods are available to maximize customer options. In response to changes in customer demand and the commercial marketplace, GSA Global Supply is modernizing its business model as described below.

GSA Global Supply's New Business Model

Features of the new model include:

  • Direct delivery of products from our vendor partners for greater speed and lower cost;
  • Lower prices through incorporation of Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative partners for Office supplies, Maintenance, Repair & Operating (MRO) items and Janitorial/Sanitation (JanSan) products;
  • Enhanced IT platforms to improve customer visibility regarding order status; and
  • Streamlined product offering following reassignment of FSG 80 (paint, sealants, etc.) and wildland fire items to DLA;

What does not change:

  • Requisition-based ordering means customers do not have to comparison shop or document 3 sources;
  • Guaranteed compliance with FAR and other federal purchasing regulations;
  • Easy customer service at (800) 488-3111 or email at; and
  • Ordering options are plentiful:

The tables below contain a variety of reference documents that may assist customers with these transitions. The first contains general items related to the changing business model. The second is focused on the items that transitioned to DLA.

Table 1 – Reference Documents in GSA’s Evolving Business Model

File Date Format Size
FAQs Document - updated as needed. 10/3/14 PDF 114KB
AAC Contacts - civilian agency POCs to confirm an AAC (rev. 8/20/14) 6/9/2014 PDF 438KB
DODAAC Contacts - military POCs to confirm a DODAAC 6/9/2014 PDF 73KB
GSA Announcement - FSG 80 items and more 5/21/14 PDF 2.7MB
Distribution Center Announcement 2/18/14 PDF 109KB

Table 2 - Reference Documents regarding Items Transitioned to DLA

File Date Format Size
Vendor Update on DLA Management of FSG 80 - Learn how DLA purchases FSG 80 and other items 6/19/2014 PDF 8KB
June 1 NSNs Transferring GSA to DLA - almost entirely FSG 80 items 5/5/2014 PDF 1MB
May 1 NSNs Transferring GSA to DLA - Includes Wildland Fire and other items 5/1/2014 PDF 155KB
DoD EMALL registration instructions 5/2/2014 PDF 2.2MB
MOA re FSG 80 Products 4/1/2014 PDF 111KB


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