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Repair Service and Vehicle Maintenance

The Maintenance Control Center (MCC) maintains complete computerized vehicle history records on GSA Fleet vehicles. Authorization of unscheduled repairs or services over $100 or for any tire and battery replacement regardless of cost, please call the MCC at (866) 400-0411. After-hour emergencies please call 1(866) 939-4472.

Notification of emergency repairs should be made to the MCC the next workday. Additional information on repairs is included in, "A Guide to your GSA Fleet Vehicle".

When it is time for preventive maintenance, customers are sent a Motor Vehicle Service Authorization that explains the nature of the maintenance required, and gives them the due date. This document serves as an authorization for the vendor to provide the services, up to $100. The MCC must be contacted for any purchases over $100. The mission of the MCC is "to provide all GSA Fleet callers with timely, courteous contact, furnishing prompt information and guidance concerning maintenance and repair services."

See Roadside Assistance for emergency contact information.


A Guide to Your GSA Fleet Vehicle

Description Format Size Publish Date
GSA Fleet Vehicle Guide PDF 532KB 03.23.2013



National Maintenance Control Center

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