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Center for Excellence in Digital Government

The Center for Excellence in Digital Government (CEDG) provides training, best practices, and government-wide solutions to help government agencies deliver an excellent customer experience to the public. CEDG mentors and collaborates with agencies to help them create effective digital platforms, improve web and mobile usability, and develop engagement opportunities that enhance the customer experience, accelerate adoption, and achieve efficiencies across government.

DigitalGov University

GSA’s DigitalGov University (DGU) is the federal government’s training program for web and digital communications professionals. The multi-disciplinary curriculum addresses a broad range of skills and knowledge, including:

  • federal web requirements
  • digital governance, policy, and strategic planning
  • plain language and customer-focused writing
  • social media and citizen engagement
  • accessibility requirements
  • emerging technology

Our instructors are recognized worldwide as experts and thought leaders in web and digital content management. Past instructors and presenters include Gerry McGovern, Kristina Halvorson, Candi Harrison, and Alex Langshur. The program is extremely cost efficient and fosters sharing of common challenges, solutions, and best practices across government.

We provide many learning options: in-person training, webinars, on-demand training, and an annual conference, held each Spring in Washington, DC. 

Rather than having hundreds of agencies manage their own training program, DGU provides high value to government agencies because it centralizes training for web and new media staff. The program is extremely cost efficient, ensures consistent training across agencies, and fosters the sharing of common challenges, solutions, and best practices across government.

View DigitalGov University Schedule of Classes is a website to help government workers deliver a better customer experience to citizens. It supports cross-agency collaboration and provides tools and ideas to help agencies effectively serve, engage, and support their customers, no matter how they choose to interact. offers best practices, training, and guidance on:

  • Strategic planning and coordination of customer service channels;
  • Federal web requirements and policies;
  • Mobile and digital content delivery;
  • Online citizen engagement through social media and open government;
  • Web content management, usability, and design;
  • Cloud computing, apps, data and web infrastructure tools; and
  • Contact center services.

Communities of Practice

We support several government-focused communities of practice (CoPs) such as the Web Content Managers Forum and the Federal Web Managers Council. These communities provide government employees with a forum to collaborate and share knowledge and lessons learned with colleagues government-wide, and promote efficiencies as agencies learn from one another.

Learn more or join a CoP

Innovation Challenges and Prizes

To help agencies use innovation challenges and prizes to promote open government and innovation, GSA provides, a platform for federal agencies to post challenges and a place for the public to find and participate in federal challenges.

Customer Engagement

CEDG supports several initiatives that enable federal agencies to use 3rd-party social tools to connect with citizens, including federal-compatible terms of service agreements, and the #SocialGov Community of Practice.

User Experience

We provide hands-on training to help agencies improve their websites, mobile apps, and other digital products via our DigitalGov User Experience Program. Agencies learn how to conduct usability tests, to get feedback on how well digital channels are serving their customers.


As the agency charged with supporting federal agencies and their operations, GSA's collaboration role is unique, giving us the opportunity to work closely with other agencies to seek innovative strategies as solutions to government-wide challenges. These collaborative efforts help the government save money and resources, and provide agencies with ready-made solutions to their problems.

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