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Governmentwide Travel Advisory Committee (GTAC)

The September 23 GTAC meeting will cover Common Carrier, City Pairs, and previous meeting topics. Public Attendees please enter your complete email address, i.e., ( in the guest section. DO NOT use the GSA login feature. Password for the meeting is: gtac.

Please click here to attend the GTAC September 23, 2014 meeting.

In accordance with the provisions of the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA), the Governmentwide Travel Advisory Committee was established to review existing travel policies, processes, and procedures that are accountable and transparent, beginning with the per diem methodology to aid in meeting agency missions in an effective and efficient manner at the lowest logical travel cost. Through the review process, the GTAC will address current industry and Federal travel trends and provide advice and recommendations for improvements to increase travel efficiency and effectiveness, reduce costs, promote sustainability, and incorporate industry best practices.

In order to receive a dial-in number, you must pre-register for each webinar meeting by clicking the appropriate meeting date on this page.

If you plan on submitting comments, please submit them to no later than 10 days after each meeting.

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Governmentwide Travel Advisory Committee (GTAC)