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Sale of Plum Island, New York

Plum Island is an 840-acre island located approximately 1.5 miles off the tip of Orient Point, Long Island, New York. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), operates the Plum Island Animal Disease Center (PIADC) on the island. Plum Island is formerly the home of the U.S. Army's Fort Terry and was transferred to the USDA in 1954 to establish a research facility for foot-and-mouth disease. In 2003, the property was transferred to DHS.

Plum Island is a fully self-sufficient property comprised of buildings, industrial facilities and equipment, roadways, utilities, specialized facilities, easements and rights of way. Additional assets on Plum Island include some natural undeveloped land, the Plum Island Lighthouse construction in 1869, and buildings and structures associated with the former Fort Terry.  DHS also owns and operates various transportation assets as well as a 9.5 acre facility to support PIADC operations at Orient Point, New York which includes buildings, utilities, and ferry docking facilities. 

Property Description

There are three components to the Plum Island property: 

(1) Plum Island 

(2) Orient Point support facility and 

(3) Personal Property

Plum Island is located in the Town of Southold, NY just a short ferry ride from the Orient Point facility, which is situated on the Eastern end of the North Fork of Long Island, NY.

Plum Island Containing approximately 840 acres, the island boasts sandy shoreline, beautiful views and a harbor strategically situated to provide easy access from the Orient Point facility or elsewhere. Architectural highlights include a lighthouse listed on the National Register of Historic Place built in 1869 along with buildings and battery stations constructed as part of a Fort Terry, a military fort actively used during the Spanish-American War and World War II. Most of the other buildings and infrastructure on the island are of more modern design and development. Of particular note is a well-maintained 55,000 square foot glass and concrete administration building constructed in 1994. In addition to over 4 miles of existing paved roadway and 8 miles of gravel roadway, the island offers strength in its utility connections and capacity. Undersea cables transmit power and communications capability from Long Island to Plum Island, while an on-site power plant provides emergency back-up support. In addition to the foregoing, the island contains its own wastewater decontamination plant and extensive well water supply and distribution facilities.

Orient Point Support Facility The Orient Point facility, located on the tip of the North Fork of Long Island, is comprised of approximately 9.5 acres and features its own harbor facility. 

Personal Property & Transportation Assets Although the extent of personal property to be included in the sale has yet to be finalized, it can be assumed that all ferries and certain vehicles presently used by the fire and safety units on the island will be included.


John L. A. Dugan

U.S. General Services Administration
Office of Real Property Utilization & Disposal

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