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Employee Relocation, Schedule 48

GSA's Employee Relocation Services are available for government agencies to procure under Schedule 48, Transportation, Delivery and Relocation Solutions (TDRS). The TDRS Solicitation services are offered to assist federal employees and their families being transferred to new duty stations anywhere within the continental United States and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Some services are also available overseas. 

Schedule 48 services offer approved relocation experts who can help employees and their families market and sell homes, find new homes, ship possessions, and obtain information on schools, taxes and commuting.

Services offered include:

  • SIN 653-1, Relocation Services Package: includes home sale services, home assistance, destination area services and reports that are bundled and offered together.
  • SIN 653-3, Relocation Software, Technology Tools and Services: includes relocation software and automation/technology tools that help agencies track, manage and report on their relocation programs. This SIN also includes authorization, planning, repatriation, expense management, tax gross ups, expense entry, communications, and integrations with financial systems.
  • SIN 653-4, Additional Services: includes cost of living analysis, closing assistance, expense management, rental management, entitlement counseling, group move assistance, and international move assistance. This SIN was recently modified to include property management and training.
  • SIN 653-5, Agency Customization Services: includes special property (difficult to sell) services, home sale and marketing assistance, close-only services and buyer value option.
  • SIN 653-7, Move Management Services: includes a total package of move management services including transferee entitlement and pre-move counseling, carrier selection, preparation of bills of lading, shipment booking, service performance and prepayment audits, claims preparation assistance and onsite quality control.

As an integral part of GSA, the FAS Employee Relocation Resource Center (ERRC) possesses the unrivaled capability to deliver employee relocation products and services to federal agencies in support of their operations, at the best value possible.  

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