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GSA Shave Energy Program

The Shave Energy Program (1) provides training to GSA property managers empowering them to become GSA’s first line energy Managers, (2) reduces GSA operational cost and ultimately its environmental impact through no and low cost operational changes, and (3) improves GSA’s service to its customers.

Each of these goals is important and by achieving any one of them by itself we call the program a success. But in reality through the program if you succeed in one you succeed in the other.

Through training, GSA can empower its property managers to become GSA’s first line energy managers. Our property managers have to wear many hats; their energy manager hat can have a significant impact on GSA’s cost and their facility’s environmental impact. The training provided by the Shave Energy Program brings our property managers back to the basics – schedules, set points, and outside air levels. We simplify semi-complicated measurements so that any GSA property manager can perform them and we teach them what GSA’s current operational standards are and how to verify their facility’s operate to these standards.

Learning how to operate in accordance to GSA’s operational standards will allow GSA’s first line energy managers, its property managers, to meet the programs second and third goal. Adherence to these standards can reduce GSA’s operational cost. On average Shave Energy participants have reduced their energy consumption by 13% through no and low cost operational changes for a reduction of more than $2 million. Some Shave Energy participants have seen reductions up to 29% through no cost operational changes and have been able to maintain those saving over multiple years. The potential portfolio impact is significant.

Current participants have reported improved indoor air quality (IAQ), improved tenant satisfaction, and reduced comfort complaints. As a result of the adoption of the Shave Energy standards GSA’s service to its customers has improved without impacting our tenants.

Basic process information:

The process consists of a series of internal audits of the facility. The property managers participate in 10 modules that teach them how to complete the in-house audits and implement changes based on audit findings. Each module is approximately 15 to 25 minutes in duration; it is approximately 6 hours of online training.


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