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Waste Minimization

GSA is committed to reducing waste streams from all of its buildings and various renovation and construction projects in order to protect human health, natural resources and the environment.  GSA's Solid Waste Management program encompasses the recycling and reuse of office waste and construction materials, and an Affirmative Procurement Program (APP) that favors environmentally preferable products. 

The term "Solid Waste" means the unwanted or discarded material resulting from a building's normal, day-to-day activities. GSA separates this waste into hazardous waste, recyclable materials, construction waste and municipal waste.  To encourage and reward sound waste management practices, GSA hosts two annual award programs -- GSA Environmental Awards and the Construction Waste Management Demolition Derby. The GSA Environmental Awards focus on waste prevention and appropriate nominations are submitted to the White House Closing the Circle Awards each year, usually in January. There are two categories in the Demolition Derby -- Projects in Process and Completed Projects.

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