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Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO)

GSA staff can count on the OCIO for high quality, enterprise information technology (IT) services and solutions. OCIO is in continuous pursuit of technology that would assist GSA in its quest to be the technology leader in agility, efficiency, mobility, and productivity. Our organization, which is evolving as we identify new efficiencies, has many of the key functions as shown below:

OCIO services enable GSA’s mission. Our infrastructure is the backbone of GSA’s business and management applications. Our IT security program protects our systems and facilitates our successful telework program. Our help desk and onsite support are the point of contact for most of the IT services provided to our staff, from mobile and laptops, to security, voice and video capabilities. We establish the policies and procedures that govern the use of IT at GSA and we are responsible for monitoring and reporting on our compliance with laws, regulations, orders and directives. We provide the agency’s enterprise architecture as a framework to manage IT resources. We offer guidance on how to leverage IT services to support business and service objectives to the Administrator and GSA executives.

Opportunities – In keeping with our commitment to providing the best and most effective enterprise IT services and solutions across GSA, OCIO has identified areas that we will concentrate on for FY 2013 - 2014.

  • Modernization – GSA is undergoing an IT modernization effort to improve our internal and external service delivery. This means ensuring we have a modern, updated technology infrastructure for our employees, but also means using technology and innovative business practices to drive stronger value to GSA’s customers and stakeholders
  • Innovation – GSA serves all agencies of the federal government and as such should be a source of innovation in deploying information technology to enable our programs. In response, we are developing a standard set of core services across the agency that standardizes common services, but supports business-specific applications. We also recognize that the insight, experience and knowledge of a large and diverse group of people can make improvements and solve problems more quickly through collaboration. GSA is continuing to work towards an enterprisewide collaboration platform that harnesses this intelligence - allowing for better decision-making, the creation of new ideas and opportunities and operational excellence.
  • Sustainability – There are many opportunities to use IT as a smarter consumer, but also to assist in reducing the consumption of energy and natural resources. We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint and are working together on new ideas in support of this goal, which includes employing innovative technology to reduce energy usage. GSA is working to expand power management programs, reduce unnecessary IT hardware such as personal printers and ensure that our infrastructure enables employees to work from anywhere.
  • IT Security – GSA and all federal agencies are mandated to implement many IT Security measures. GSA is making progress in implementing these mandates and doing it without additional funding. We are working to maintain our level of support and compliance, while managing the impacts to our end users through change management and communications initiatives. Many initiatives provide increased security while also improving the user’s experience.

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