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Rocky Mountain Region Newsroom

GSA's Rocky Mountain Region Public Affairs Office, located in Denver, issues media releases and advisories to provide the public with important information on GSA projects and activities within the six states of Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming.

GSA News provides up-to-date information on programs, initiatives, and news of importance to GSA Clients. GSA's Reference Library includes the latest bulletins, extracts of executive orders, speeches, regulations and other documents about GSA.


Workplace Transformation Provides Flexibility And Cost Savings

In an effort to reduce its office footprint and save taxpayer money, the BLM partnered with GSA to consolidate and renovate its DFC space to better accommodate the work of its employees. Currently, BLM occupies both Building 40 and 50 at the DFC. Once completed, BLM will reduce the amount of space it uses by close to 40,000 square feet giving taxpayers an annual rent savings of about $500,000.

To provide 431 BLM employees with a modern, productive, comfortable workplace while reducing space and rent payments, an employee engagement study was conducted. Results of the study were then incorporated into the design of the space. In addition to space and cost savings, the project will result in space that better accommodates BLM’s mission and work processes. Elements currently under represented for employees, such as right-sized conference rooms, were included in the design. Efforts were also made to open the floor plan to allow natural light into the space as much as possible. Construction started in December 2013 and will be phased so that BLM can continue to occupy the space as the project progresses. The project is scheduled to be complete in November 2015.

Goals for both BLM and GSA are to renovate and improve building interiors and systems furnishings while reducing employee footprint and consolidating occupied space to result in rent savings to BLM and, ultimately, the taxpayer.


Doug BaughmanMeet Doug Baughman

Doug serves as the Sustainability Program Specialist on the Denver Federal Center Service Center working with internal and external customers to ensure that energy policies and mandates are met or exceeded. He helps to reduce overall energy intensity of DFC buildings. Doug performs building energy audits with the property management team to optimize building systems and energy consumption and apply sustainable solutions. Doug has been with GSA since 1991 in several roles from HVAC controls technician, building manager and many other roles.

Nic RetzlaffMeet Nic Retzlaff

Nic is a project manager on the Denver Federal Center Service Center and has been with GSA since 2009. Nic enjoys working with customer agencies to develop solutions to their space needs and developing solutions to complex problems. Nic has a background in construction management and real estate.

Jeff EnglestadMeet Jeff Engelstad

In his role as the electrical engineer for the Denver Federal Center, Jeff works on the region-wide energy savings performance contract, the campus substation replacement and he provides technical assistance on any electrical project he can get his hands on. Jeff is passionate about energy use reduction and serves on the Institute of Standardization and Optimization (ISO) technical advisory group for ISO50001.

DFC Mobile Post Office is Back

The DFC Mobile Post Office is back starting Wednesday, May 28 from 11 a.m. - 12 p.m. - Save time, buy stamps and mail packages during your lunch break. For your convenience, the mobile post office will come to the DFC at the main entrance of Building 41 once a month starting Wednesday, May 28 from 11a.m. - 12 p.m. It will be available the last Wednesday of every month at the same location & time. Happy mailing!

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