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Airfare Database

The Airline Database Search Tool provides the user with airfare information which allows government travelers all the flexibility possible in planning official travel. Note: If link does not work in Chrome, try in Internet Explorer

The airfares are listed as one-way to allow for multiple destinations, and airfares are valid in either direction. Domestic airfares include taxes, but not fees such as fuel surcharges, passenger facility charges, segment fees, and passenger security fees. These fees are additional. International airfares are exclusive of taxes and additional fees. 

Visit our Baggage Allowance page for weight change information when traveling internationally.

When booking travel, the traveler should use their authorized travel management system, that is, the E-Gov Travel Service for civilian agencies or the Defense Travel System for Department of Defense travelers. If these services are not fully implemented, travelers should utilize their Travel Agent or Commercial Travel Office.

For E-Gov Travel Service Vendors: AirTran/SouthWest Primary Market Designation List

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