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Important Program Information

GSA to Transfer Fire Program to DLA
As part of a comprehensive Supply Transformation initiative, GSA is collaborating with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) to transfer the Wildland Fire program to DLA. The Wildland Fire overview page displays key documents and program updates to help customers prepare for a smooth transition. As additional details become available, that site will be updated.

GSA Fire Program Coordinator
William (Bill) Hicks, (817) 850-8244

Requisition Status/Stock Availability
Contact the Customer Assistance Branch in Fort Worth, TX
(800) 525-8027, Option 3

Submission of Routine Orders
Monday through Friday: 7:30 a.m. - 4:15 p.m. (CST)
GSA Customer Assistance Branch, Fort Worth, TX
(800) 525-8027, Option 3, or fax to (817) 574-2551, 574-2552
Submissions can also be made on weekends/after hours
but orders will not be processed until the next duty day.

Submission of Emergency Orders (24/7)
Same as routine orders during normal duty hours (Monday through Friday). See above.

Additional hour - Monday through Friday: 4:15 p.m. – 5:15 p.m. (CST):
GSA Western Distribution Center, French Camp, CA
(209) 547-8669 or fax (209) 547-8744 or (209) 547-8745

When faxing an order to French Camp, you must first call and notify personnel that the order is on the way.

After-Hours, Weekends and Holidays:

First, try the GSA Western Distribution Center numbers above. If there is no answer, call French Camp’s answering service at (209) 929-6959 and tell the operator you have an emergency fire order to submit, and need to contact depot personnel immediately. Provide your name and telephone number, and the operator will contact depot personnel and relay your message. Depot personnel will return your call and take appropriate action. 

Note: Do not fax an order after hours unless you first speak to a GSA representative at the French Camp Depot.

Reporting Discrepancies/Quality Issues
Contact the GSA National Customer Service Center
(800) 525-8027, select option 2 for customer service and indicate the call is about a fire suppression item, or send an email to indicating "Fire Suppression" in the subject line.

Critical Quality Defects
Quality issues on critical items that may pose immediate threats to users should also be reported to  A Fire Quality Coordinator will assist with coordinating resolution of the issue.  If available, please provide the National Stock Number (NSN) and purchase order number with the initial inquiry to expedite the request.

Billing Problems/Inquiries
Contact the GSA National Finance Center as follows:

USDA (including Forest Service & Cooperators (Activity Address Codes 12XXXX)
Quinda Burns, (816) 926-5715 or email:

Department of the Interior (Activity Address Codes 14XXXX)
Deborah Toigo, (816) 823-2036 or email:

Supervisor - Billings Unit
Lesley Schmidt, (816) 926-7985 or email:

General inquiries to Billings Unit Help Desk:
Email: (See info page in the GSA Wildland Fire Equipment Catalog.)

Inventory Managers
Jack Brothers, (817) 850-8325, email:

Specifications/Item Purchase Descriptions/Technical Issues
John Kielty, (817) 850-8441, email:

Sharita Sheppard, (817)-850-5515, email:

Contract Management
Ameka Ali, (415) 522-4472,

GSA Wildland Fire Equipment Catalog
For copies, changes to distribution quantity or change of address, contact GSA at (800) 488-3111 or email: The catalog is also available in the GSA Wildland Fire Program website Library.

U.S. Forest Service Specifications 
USDA Forest Service specifications are now available from the USDA's Technology and Development Center site. 

Eligibility To Use GSA Sources
The first point of contact for a non-federal user seeking sponsorship is the applicable State FEPP Coordinator. Sponsorship must be granted by the State Forester and approved by the USDA Forest Service. For more information, see the GSA Order (Effective 02/16/11) on customer eligibility. Non-federal users should note paragraph 7(d)4.

Interagency Agreement
The agreement details GSA responsibilities in providing equipment and supplies for the USDA Forest Service and authorized state/local cooperators. It also outlines the process for purchasing vehicles through GSA for wildland fire programs.

USDA Forest Service and Cooperator Activity Address Codes
To update the information associated with your Activity Address Code (AAC), see your appropriate Forest Service Regional Point of ContactState and local firefighting agencies need to contact the relevant POC listed as responsible for Federal Excess Personal Property (FEPP). USDA Forest Service locations may contact the person listed as responsible for "FS offices." Forest Service locations may also request a new AAC through the listed regional contact. Local cooperators are required to initiate requests for an AAC with the state's FEPP Coordinator.

Name Format Size Publish Date
GSA Fire Support Process for Nonfederal Users of GSA Fire Program Word 16k 8/30/2011
FS-GSA Interagency Agreement PDF 160k 8/29/2012



GSA Global Supply
(800) 525-8027

Centralized Mailing List Service (CMLS)
1(800) 488-3111