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3D-4D-BIM Overview

BIM Series One Image

The primary goal of the National 3D-4D-BIM Program is to promote value-added digital visualization, simulation and optimization technologies to increase quality and efficiency throughout GSA project lifecycles and beyond. The long-term objective is to use innovative 3D, 4D, and BIM technologies to complement, leverage, and improve existing technologies to achieve major quality and productivity improvements.

The BIM Guide Series is intended for GSA employees and consultants engaging in BIM practices for the design of new construction and major modernization projects for GSA. GSA BIM Guide 01 is an overview of the National 3D-4D-BIM Program, the technologies and services it supports, and an over-arching and executive text to be used as a reference guide for GSA members and associates when determining what BIM applications would be appropriate for their specific project. This Guide will also be of general interest to other members of the project teams, including PBS staff, customer agencies, and contracted parties such as architects and engineers (A/Es), construction managers, construction and design-build contractors, and consultants hoping to understand more about BIM technologies and potential applications. In addition, architect, engineering and construction (AEC) industry software solution providers will find this Guide of interest in providing preliminary clarification and promoting further discussion surrounding the development and adoption of various technologies.

GSA Building Information Modeling Guide 01 - Overview DRAFT>>

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