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Energy Performance and Operations

GSA's Office of the Chief Architect is currently encouraging, documenting, and evaluating the implementation of Building Information Modeling (BIM) technologies to assist energy performance analyses and operational practices on a project-by-project need basis.

Executive Order 13123 is a national initiative to reduce the average annual energy consumption of the GSA’s building inventory. With the use of BIM, GSA hopes to strengthen the reliability, consistency, and usability of predicted energy use and energy cost results. Specific benefits to a project team may include: more complete and accurate energy estimates earlier in the design process, improved life-cycle costing analysis, increased opportunities for measurement and verification during building occupation, and improved processes for gathering lessons learned in high performance building.  In general, advancements from BIM may increase the role energy modeling plays during both design and building operation, leading to an overall reduction in energy consumption by GSA buildings. Current pilot projects compare BIM based energy modeling methods and results to more traditional energy modeling practices, and explore opportunities to use BIM to support facilities management.

GSA Building Information Modeling Series 05 - Energy Performance (3/2012)

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