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Vehicle Monitoring

All monitoring products include a customer specific website that displays vehicle tracking and monitoring information requiring no software, and is available 24/7. All vehicle information is transmitted by a wireless connection via cellular or satellite communication. The in-vehicle equipment is installed by authorized vendors and, in most cases, can be installed on new vehicles before you pick them up.

Ordering Vehicle Monitoring

If you would like to order vehicle monitoring for your GSA vehicles or have any questions about vehicle monitoring, please contact your Fleet Service Representative (FSR) or local Fleet Management Center (FMC).

Category 1 - GPS Vehicle Tracking

Fleet managers can monitor the location of their vehicles in real-time by logging on to a user accessible website. This solution allows managers to immediately track vehicle location, and route deviation, as well as recent stops.

Category 2 - GPS Tracking with Diagnostics

The pairing of Vehicle monitoring with diagnostics offers the same capabilities of basic GPS tracking with additional information supplied by the engine computer. Diagnostics reports are accessible via a website or by email showing the current condition of the vehicle, odometer readings, idle time, emissions information and speed data.

Category 3a and 3b - Vehicle Monitoring with Driver ID

Ideal for fleets with many shared vehicles, Category 3a combines the GPS capabilities of Category 1 with Driver ID technology. In addition to identifying the driver, this technology has the ability to report on location, fuel usage and geo-fence violations. Providing the same Driver ID capabilities as Category 3a, Category 3b combines Driver ID technology with the Vehicle Diagnostic capabilities of Category 2.

Category 4 - In-Vehicle Video Recording

This solution uses inward and outward facing cameras to record the driver’s behavior as well as the vehicle’s surroundings. The device saves events triggered by sudden movements such as sudden stops, hard turns or accidents. Additional capabilities can include a managed service that reviews and scores the videos and driver coaching, as well as basic vehicle monitoring.

Category 5 - Instant Driver Feedback

This product helps improve driver safety by providing instant feedback to drivers when they engage in unsafe driving behaviors. Benefits of instant driver feedback include: reduced risk of accidents, reduced insurance claims, reduced vehicle maintenance costs, and improved operational efficiency.

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