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FAST Data Center

GSA Fleet makes Federal Automotive Statistical Tool (FAST) reporting easy. A new tool is in place to simplify annual data reporting and regular monitoring of GSA Fleet vehicles. GSA Fleet's FAST Data Center provides a wide variety of reports. Available reports include vehicle inventory, vehicle cost, miles driven, acquisition and disposal expenses, and fuel consumption. These reports are accessible throughout the year, and can be used to track and manage inventory and fleet resources. 

A customer number and access code are required to log into GSA Fleet Drive-thru. Once access has been granted, visit GSA Fleet Drive-thru and follow the steps below:

  • Click "Reports Carryout" located under “Application Access”
  • Select "GSA Fleet FAST Data Center"
  • Select your preferred report options

If additional information or assistance is required, please contact the GSA Fleet Technical Support Assistance Line.


Each of the required agency submission(s) are due to GSA's Office of Governmentwide Policy (MTV) no later than December 15, following the end of the fiscal year. Each agency may have earlier deadlines to compile the agency-wide report from their reporting components. Each agency is required to complete separate SF 82's for:

  • All bureaus with large fleets (2,000 or more vehicles)
  • Agencies without bureaus with large fleets
  • Each foreign fleet
  • The aggregate of domestic small fleets, if not reported with large fleet(s)

The FPMR 101-38 has been replaced with FMR 102-34 Subpart I. The reporting requirements previously stipulated remain the same. Agencies who do not acquire, commercially lease, or have any inventory of motor vehicles in a fiscal year are required to submit a negative report (§ 102-34 Subpart I). Fleet managers should send their SF 82s to their Agency Fleet Manager for approval. Agency submissions should be sent from the Agency Fleet Manager directly to: 

General Services Administration (GSA)
Federal Vehicle Policy Division (MTV)
1800 F Street
NW Washington, DC 20405

You can visit the GSA Forms Library to locate an SF 82 form.

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GSA Fleet Technical Support Assistance Line
1-(866) 472-6711