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Get Odometer Readings at the Pump (GORP)

GORP is GSA Fleet’s newest tool for reporting fleet mileage. GSA Fleet can now electronically retrieve mileage data when drivers refuel. This automated process is the fastest and easiest way to report mileage. GORP provides the most cost effective and efficient mileage reporting tool to date.

When it is time to refuel, the driver simply inserts the GSA Fleet Services Card into the pump, as usual. Before any transaction is completed, the fuel pump automatically prompts the driver to enter the PIN/Driver ID, and the vehicle’s current odometer reading. This information is electronically sent to GSA Fleet’s system for accurate monthly billing. Mileage information not collected by GORP must be reported using another, less efficient method.

Automatic monthly exception reports show which drivers are not entering the correct mileage information at the pump. While these errors must be manually corrected, the reports help fleet managers target specific drivers to encourage correct data entry and minimize future errors.

As drivers become familiar with GORP, manual reporting will be reduced and may even be eliminated. This electronic process gives fleet managers more time to focus on managing their fleet.

GORP is a free service, available immediately to all GSA Fleet customers. Contact the local Fleet Service Representative (FSR) to begin using GORP today.



Description Document Format Size Publish Date
Overview of the GORP process. GORP PDF 74.2KB 03/22/2013

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