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Sample Recovery Design Guidance

GSA continues its $5.5 billion support of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA or the Recovery Act) by investing both through its own public building projects, and by helping other government agencies invest in construction projects that create jobs and use green technology.

Agency program managers, building contractors who work for the government, and contractors bidding for government work all need to be aware of the following Recovery-specific design and construction criteria for lighting, roof, water, and advanced metering systems.

Subject matter and policy experts from GSA’s Recovery Act Project Management Office (PMO) and the Office of Federal High-Performance Green Buildings prepared these guideline documents as resources for GSA and for other federal agencies to help them develop scopes of work funded by the Recovery Act.

Recovery Guidelines: Lighting, Roof, Water, and Advanced Metering Systems

To promote transparency and merit-based decision-making in awarding funds, and to facilitate the bidding and construction process for all stakeholders, GSA offers a sample Statement of Work (SOW) as a reference tool for each of the following design categories. The Recovery PMO asks that GSA project teams follow these specifications and that other federal agencies view these guidelines as recommendations. Visit this page often for updated and new sample SOWs that relate to Recovery construction.

  • Interior Lighting Specifications [PDF 77.9KB]
    View requirements for lighting fixtures, components, lamps, ballasts, fixture supports, the regulatory and submittal process, workstation-specific luminaires, testing, adjusting, and cleaning.
  • Interior Lighting Control System Specifications [PDF 68.7KB]
    View requirements for controls, control stations, programming software, building-wide lighting controls, space-specific lighting controls, input devices for building surfaces, input devices integrated with luminaires, technical support, quality control, and personnel training.
  • Parking Garage Lighting Specifications [PDF 47KB]
    View requirements for references, submittals, luminaire warranties, light sources, ballasts/drivers, controls, and occupancy sensor controls.
  • Parking Lot Lighting Specifications [PDF 47KB]
    View requirements for site lighting system performance, submittals, warranties, LED sources, LED drivers, luminaires, maximum lumens, and controls.
  • Relighting Statement of Work Template [PDF 133.3KB]
    View requirements for interior/garage/parking lot designs, quality control, design phases, construction phases, spare luminaires and controls, training, and special warranties.
  • Planted Roof Guidance [Word document 57KB]
    View requirements for environmental/temperature/aesthetic goals, thermal performance, rainwater capture, drainage, water testing, walkways, project management process, design stages, construction stages, and warranties.
  • Water Efficiency Requirements [PDF 31.3KB]
    View requirements for landscaping irrigation, domestic supply systems, supply source meter thresholds, subsystem metering thresholds, plumbing fixtures, reduction of water use in HVAC systems, and food service operation compliance.
  • Advanced Metering Statement of Work [Word document 42.5KB]
    View requirements for bandwidth, connectivity types, updates/patches, risk assessment, system selection, and risk mitigation.

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Sample Recovery Design Guidance, SOW