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Report Government Aircraft Data

According to OMB Circular A-126, federal agencies must report on all their aviation activities. Federal aviation accounting and management teams must report:

  • aircraft costs
  • aircraft mission hours
  • aircraft inventories
  • usage and operational costs
  • incidents and accidents

Federal Aviation Interactive Reporting System (FAIRS)

Federal aviation managers and accounting teams must report all detailed information on aviation activities using The Federal Aviation Interactive Reporting System (FAIRS).

Who can use FAIRS?

  • All federal government agencies that own or hire aircraft. 
  • Only users and reviewers chosen by their agencies and trained by GSA can access the FAIRS website.

Download Annual Report on Federal Aircraft

Managing this aircraft data helps GSA increase efficiencies by providing thorough analysis, identifying gaps and redundancies, and pinpointing areas of strength and weakness. In order to keep agencies accountable and support transparency in government, GSA collects, analyzes, and publishes all FAIRS information in the Federal Aviation Open Data set.


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