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Acquisition Solutions

For fast, flexible, and cost-effective procurement, turn to GSA’s Multiple Award Schedules (MAS). They offer:

  • Speed: Shorten procurement lead times and reduce administrative burden and costs;
  • Selection: Choose from a vast selection of pre-qualified expert service and product providers;
  • Flexibility: Tailor Requests for Quotation (RFQs) and orders to your particular purchasing requirements;
  • Transparency: Choose from among already-qualified business contractors;
  • Efficiency: Streamline contracting while maintaining Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) compliance;
  • Value: Simplify procurements by tapping into GSA’s pool of responsible, technically capable sources; and
  • Manage Procurement: Retain control of procurement throughout the process.


Providing for the well-being and safety of employees is vital to supporting a successful workforce. From human resources to temporary staffing and from training services to counseling, GSA offers a wealth of solutions from pre-qualified consultants:


As agencies are required to do more with less, assistance from experts becomes increasingly vital. GSA offers a wealth of solutions from pre-qualified consultants. Choose from among:


Does your agency need state-of-the-art commercial IT products, systems, services, and support? GSA and our trusted industry partners can help. We offer:



Ensuring that a facility runs smoothly can be a challenge. GSA offers a simplified process for finding experienced and knowledgeable professionals. Topics include:


Meeting the environmental requirements and regulations, as well as integrating sustainability considerations into procurements, can be a challenge. GSA assists you by offering a broad selection of green products and services and additional resources to help you do your job:


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Statements of Work (SOW) Library

Please take a look at our Statements of Work (SOW) Library.  These SOWS come from multiple industry partnership groups and represent what industry views as well written, easily understandable SOWs, where a solution was successfully delivered.

If you have any questions, please call the National Customer Service Center (NCSC) at (800) 488-3111, or direct your email inquiries to the Multiple Award Schedule Helpdesk at

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